[insert name here]

  • What's everyone think about [insert name here]?

    He's only [insert price here]. Just signed recently for [insert non pb team here]. A few seasons back he managed double figures and I fancy him to give [insert elite team name here] a real run for their money. Played 3 games for [insert abysmal national team name here]

    1 goal and their price will πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ *(if you don't consider spread or commission) .

    Anyway, even if he scores a goal and doubles in price, I am definitely going to keep him for the full 3 years as I think a move to [insert prem league name here] is a certainty. No chance of me getting rid at half time. No sirree! I am in for the long haul!

    Only one way his price is going to go!

    I am giving you this tip because I want everyone to profit from my fantastic find so we can all make money together and not because their price hasn't increased since I bought them this morning

  • @Moukoko

    Thanks, I've been meaning to make a template, to save me some time.

  • Malcom and Zenit come to mind! If he actually was any good he would've stayed in a top league. I imagine a lot of money was lost on that lad.

  • @stumac85 probably not as much as everyone who gullibly believed Paolo dybala would ever sign for man utd.

  • Looks a great buy - I’ll make sure I instant sell him if he doesn’t score high in the first game I own him though.

  • Need to insert this tip into at least three threads a day, one of which must be a Player A vs. Player B thread and of completely no relevance.

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