The return of Kimpembe

  • Kimpembe got his first minutes at PSG this season after an injury layoff, I've been following him since last season and wondering how others see his integration back into the PSG starting XI?

    He's to good to be a bench player but you also have Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Kehrer and Diallo whom can play at centre back, so, the competition is fierce.

    At 62p, 23 years of age and part of the national team set up I can only see upside for him FI wise. Either he gets a starting spot in a dominant PSG team or continues on the bench and gets plenty of interest from other teams.

    Interested to hear perspective from any holders or otherwise.

  • Hes been on my shopping list for ages and I'm pretty tempted but I was picking the brains of ligue 1 expert @FIGenesis who hinted at question marks over his mentality, so I'm still unsure about him but potential upside could be very big

  • He won’t play. Diallo is ahead is the pecking order. Could see a premier league move for Kimpembe next summer. Perhaps an Arsenal or Man U

    So worth monitoring his price over the season and buying in if he drops some more in anticipation for a move to England

  • @MickTurbo thanks for the insight, I'll have a little not alot for now then.

  • A few weeks on from this thread and early signs are good. Seems to be first choice along with Thiago Silva and scored 240 today without a goal or assist, very unlucky not to win PB.

    When you compare his current price to the other defenders in the PSG team (Thiago Silva excluded) and factor in he's likely to be back in the France squad soon the current price is good value for me.

  • @DW was gonna post him on the under 80p player thread, seems very undervalued considering he could go to the euros and is in a very PB friendly side

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