Joan Jordan

  • Is he still worth getting on at this price?

  • Just bought on Sunday 460 shares and with his goal returned £36 in dividends as he also got star man and top midfielder came of after 65mins with a score of 241 Ive been looking at him a few weeks and he seems to be the main man at Seville wish I got on a little earlier but better late than never. I’d say he’s still cheap as he looks like he’s gonna post good scores all season so it gives him plenty more chances to win pb. Good luck with what u decide👍

  • he is Sevillas main main in the midfield. Young at around 25 I believe and Spanish so fits in perfectly. he will quite consistently post over 200 imo. especially, in the more important games when they need him to complete the 90 minutes

  • Sometimes there is a rise that you miss or didn't predict - & you just have to stay out of it.

    To join the party now, on a back of a few high PB scores, you are probably going to by buying at a peak & risk being stuck on a loss after a bad game or two.

  • @NewUser383114

    Yes, IMO. Since the beginning of this season, only KDB has returned more PB divs than him (KDB plays for Belgium & PL started earlier than La Liga). Still good to buy considering his age and playing style.

    @Ericali: old boy!

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