Turns out you can lose money...

  • Yeah for September so far I'm a whole £5 up, but my divs this month have been around £20, so my cap app is down. At least it is not a plummet.

  • Been a tough month. I don't think it's saturation... The index, whilst having some negative days recently, is growing.

    Its just a new trend.

    Usually I follow the trend but its gone a route I'm not interested in... So just holding and seeing it out. If it goes on too long I'll have to leave or adapt. Long way from that point just yet.

  • @Vespasian32 I feel the same. Just not interested in 50p players who will probably never return dividends. Hoping the trend changes soon, otherwise will also be reassessing.

  • Pogs been killing me but good profits in Abraham, De Bruyne, Werner and L Cook have helped me stay level ish. Now the CL is kicking off hopefully some of the premium players will pay off. Especially with a 1.5x multiplier in pb scores.

  • Yea the whole 'what's your football knowledge worth' campaign is a bit of a joke if you actually lose money buying players that are suited to the PB matrix - which a lot of new players will have done if they have signed up in the past 4-6 weeks.

    Its surely not in FI's interest for the current trend to continue.

    They are quite happy to watch money leak from the top 100 players into the cheaper players and reap the commission in the short term - I am sure they are conscious of the need to protect their 'product' and will stimulate the top end of the market again - this will again see sales commission flooding in.

  • With how my port is built up, if I dont see at least a little but of profit through the next 3 nights fixtures then I really do not understand this place anymore

  • For anyone unsure, go out and spend a fortune on Torino players, attack Belotti with particular gusto. Then, when they play and he scores, perform a mass sell off as if you were expecting him to score a double hat-trick and become the toast of FI.

  • I don’t know if this relates to you but I love football , football index for me is some side fun , I have a sufficient amount but ultimately nothing life changing for me. I love football and football index keeps me onto of more games than ever before regardless If I have them in my port or not. For me football interests me in football index it sounds like football index interests you in football so yeah your feelings would be very based on your port. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Dan, turns out you have lost nothing mate.

    You will likely have another 3 years and thousands of opportunities for your portfolio to sort itself out.

    We are all in the same boat and I appreciate your honesty. Many users on here only seem to show portfolios in the green and never have any players in the red!? I've sat with Asensio in the red for almost a year ... only another 25 months to go! 🤣

    If guys with a proven track record like @Hotspur are losing money, then you can rest assured that it will be happening all over the index.

    I wonder if the index will be in a hurry to post the usual bullshit tweets of how much money #billybigbaws has actually lost in the last month ... 🤔

  • @Dan-The-Man Yes its been a very strange month or so.

    I have been fortunate in the last week or so that some of my players made some significant gains which has offset some players tanking.

    Realistically, we could not expect the levels of growth that we have witnessed in the last 6 months continuing. I honestly believe that we may see an extended period of stagnation until maybe January when the transfer window kicks in.

    Hope I'm wrong but it's not realistic to see constant and significant growth 12 months of the year.

    If it continues then it's likely that we may see another deposit bonus to attract new funds which could kickstart things.

  • @stumac85 said in Turns out you can lose money...:

    ....1.5x multiplier in pb scores.

    Can someone explain this to me. I understand that FI have made Champions League and Europa League games 1.5x for PB scores. I just don't understand how it is making a blind bit of difference.

    All eligible games Tonight, Tomorrow and Thursday night are Champions League and Europa League games, with things returning to "normal" on Friday with 5 PB eligible domestic league games.

    What difference does 1.5x PB make if ALL games that day are getting the multiplier applied to them?

  • @LukeMalla said in Turns out you can lose money...:

    What difference does 1.5x PB make if ALL games that day are getting the multiplier applied to them?

    Absolutely none - other than the scores will all be 1.5 x higher. I have a feeling that some people are thinking that payouts are 1.5x and are going to end up disappointed.

  • @LukeMalla It was brought in to ensure that CL players don't lose out to players from a random Montpellier v Nimes game that gets moved to a CL night.

  • @LukeMalla I think it's to do with league games being played on the same night as Champions League games . This is to ensure that a player playing in the Champions League has more of a chance to win PB rather than some player playing in a French ligue 1 game.

  • A lot of users who are unaware of the multiplier will be getting carried away investing in players who score 350+ tonight.

    Hopefully the data sites take this into account too so it doesn't skew PB averages.

  • Christ. And people say I moan!! Reality check guys. This is a gambling site not a printing money site. People throwing their toys out of their pram just because trading is changing and harder to win money. It should have always been this way.

  • @LukeMalla come the later stages of european competition they pay out as treble match days. It acts as an extra incentive to buy players that you expect to make the later stages.

    There were rearranged French league games on the same day as some so made the whole thing pretty pointless and a bit of a damp squib.

    Suppose this is to make it meaningful again.

  • @janner73 Yup, pretty much my thinking too bud.

    Not sure about the 1.5x payout thing - but you might have a point.

    @Chris-J @Pagey74 @Allams-Out

    Gotcha. I forgot that once these competitions thin out a bit other leagues tend to sprinkle the odd fixture in here and there on the same nights. Can't remember the Premier League ever doing so, but I guess it could happen. More likely France or Italy with their strange penchant for random games here, there and everywhere. Overall though this is still a rare occurence, but I suppose this change can be chalked up in the "good idea" column for FI.

    Cheers for the replies.

  • Just for context...

    I keep a daily tracker of my portfolio value. Between 22/7/19 and 25/8/19 I had 34 “up days” and only one “down day”, in that time my portfolio grew by 9.73%. In a little over a month that is absolutely mental.

    No market can sustain that kind of growth and I fully expected a small downturn. Since then I’ve had 11 “up days” and 12 “down days” and in that period my portfolio has dropped by 0.76%. A minor blip in the scheme of things!

    It’s predicable that these threads will pop up when we have a flat period but also a little sad when the inevitable threats of withdrawing everything appear from the usual suspects. Can I urge people having these thoughts to step back and look at the big picture before having a knee-jerk reaction to a short period of not making loads of money?

  • I'm sure it's a temporary thing.

    Here's what I've learned about myself though... and this is an obvious thing.... but I sometimes forget the obvious lessons.

    My interest has peaks and troughs. Some weeks I am Mr Index, with stats, insights and instincts firing on all cylinders. Other times, I just can't be arsed.

    The thing is, Mr Index makes cracking bets and the confidence that comes with feeling informed, leads me to narrow my portfolio for bigger pay offs.... but when the gusto depletes, I'm left with a super narrow portfolio, which requires a lot more effort, given the higher risk. In other words, I'm left with high maintenance portfolio that I can't be arsed to manage.

    So... the take away for me... is to restructure my portfolio over the coming weeks/months and in future, fight the urge to narrow it.

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