Turns out you can lose money...

  • @Timothee-Atouba My port has one step forward 3 steps back since 22nd August and the slide has not halted yet. I have held firm and not panicked but it’s hard. I know we have enjoyed the boom but I joined for long term holds as due to work and no access to phone etc while working I can’t play the short term flipping game. We seem to have gone from the Monday morning sell off to the after every match day sell off.

  • @Chris-J Werner, Abraham, Daka, Minamino and Hwang. The Red Bull teams have helped me a lot and I got on Hwang at 21p pre season.

  • @MJDubya Until the last week/ten days I’ve been doing well but I realise that now unless you’re day trading/jumping on goalscorers you are swimming against the tide.

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in Turns out you can lose money...:

    @MJDubya Until the last week/ten days I’ve been doing well but I realise that now unless you’re day trading/jumping on goalscorers you are swimming against the tide.

    I disagree. Anyone jumping on goalscorers as their main means of income is going to be a loser in time. With the spreads going up it's hard to see how it's viable long term.

    One of my first mistakes on FI was to jump on a goalscorer and then get stuck holding at a loss for 4 months!

  • My port is in a massive decline. I know this is gambling, Im not expecting free money just not a fan of this flipping. Its why I stopped traditional gambling

  • Suppose holding Rashford and T Hazard is just unluckly.....They are draining me

  • @Alpilgrim I’m not saying they’re all profiting by any means, I know they can’t. The top 200, top seven risers right now are speculative non pb league youngsters who are all overpriced and the money for them is gushing out of pb players that didn’t win pb or score tonight. So dilemma is, do you get on already overpriced youngsters hoping somebody will follow you in. It feels a bit like that’s your choice right now.

  • @Timothee-Atouba what about finding the next youngsters to fly as an option.

  • @Burial It certainly is an option but you’ll be lucky to find one that’s not overpriced.

  • @Timothee-Atouba I agree the pool is getting
    shallower as any half decent younger will rocket on IPO, so they are out. However I'm sure theres a few kids out there who will play a blinder in the next 6 months to go mad in price.

  • @MickTurbo said in Turns out you can lose money...:

    @Yellow since my mini whinge about 20 comments or so back I'm up roughly 0.12% meaning the 5 hours that have elapsed are probably the most profitable I've seen in close to a month

    @Dan-The-Man I completely understand where you're coming from. I think it's a 'grass is greener' thing. I've been as low as 7 players and as high as 56 since last season finished. When it was narrow all the names I wanted would plague me, when it expanded I couldn't have the hold sizes I wanted.

    Currently at 23 with a few still on my wish list and ive come to the conclusion that if I cant turn an over all profit on 30 players then maybe this isnt for me. There are still dozens of players I'd like to hold but I'm gonna do my best to stick at 30 and no more. Hopefully itll force me to be somewhat selective without being dismissive of somewhere where there may be profit.

    Where have your falls over the last month been mate?

  • The consultation from FI on the colour of buy sell buttons and what order they are in.
    Can the sell button have

    The goods days are being outweighed by the bad days. I don't mind losing because of injuries, or playing shit every game but this. This is bollocks.

  • @Burial Gouiri and Pellegri are a-list talents whose prices are sensible because both coming back from injury. Could have to be patient though. Nowadays to get any value with a youngster there has to be some unattractiveness with their profile. Some of the hype needs to have come out of the bubble.

  • I have large holds in most of the Top 10 players so I've been in the red daily for the past month or so now too.

    I just ask myself 'Are they really at their All-time highest point right now?' and will they NEVER be higher ever again (next 3 years anyway). Surely not.

    Even looking to this time next year, there must be some players knocking on the £10 door again as the entire index gradually rises? Particularly as a dividend increase is surely inevitable in the coming months.

    I think it's because the 'Safe' holds have hit their ceiling £5-£7 as the rest of the Index is catching up. A PB and MB increase would be fantastic news for me, and I do believe it's coming.

    However, is the increase is aimed towards IPD's then I'm afraid I'll probably have to call it a day on FL.

    Note: I still love this product and I'm so glad I found it last year!

  • @Yellow Pogbas probably a good 80p or so down from his most recent peak and currently 47p in the red for me.

    Rashfords probably dropped 75 p, currently still 29p in the green. Foden must have dropped 30p or so, 2p in the red. VVD -12P. Sancho probably 25p down from his high, still 9p in the green there.

    There are others who I think are great holds currently that I've bought recently who are already starting to slide a bit

    I'm not getting twitchy or anything, at least not about seeing red, but I am really beginning to wonder if these current trends are here to stay. I mean look at him tonight who will inevitably become known as EBH. After the first flurry of buys, anyone who bought was basically betting that he'd score again

  • @TomIrving Fortunately I don’t hold anybody over £4. For those who hold premium players the last six weeks or so must have been rotten and the next dividend increase will be a massively pivotal announcement in FI’s evolution and whether it’s really the “football stock market” or just another football punting site.
    I like you love the index but only as the Football stock market. So we’ll see. Maybe we’ll find out on the birthday?

  • @MickTurbo Got a few of the players you mention but ultimately they will recover.

    Form is temporary class is permanent, has never been a more pertinent phrase on here.

    Most who hold a port with players that are mostly valued over £2- have seen a slide in price but......those players catching up will soon dip as investors realise where the true value is.

    I have a very diverse port and have been hit less than most but the players that I will continue to hold long term are the sort of players you highlighted and I cant believe why anyone would sell these quality footballers that will still be high on the index in 3 years when many of the others have fallen.

    Said it many times but Patience is the key here.

  • @Long-Haul-Col I agree with what u say but I'm just really bored at the minute.

    I've always had a little issue with that phrase, 'form is temporary, class is permanent'. When gary Taylor-fletcher ends a goal drought its form, but when harry kane ends one its class. That's just my little way of looking at things though, and is entirely irrelevant lol

  • @MickTurbo Very funny, but thats why GTF (not get to fuck, but Gary Taylor Fletcher) is playing for Bangor not Spurs.

    He started out at my local team tho Northwich Victoria.

    Agree with you that losing money is boring, but just hold and lets see where we go

  • @Vespasian32 leave? Lol now it’s you being negative or have you realised i might be right? I suspended my account for 7 days hoping when I return from my holiday I might stop losing profit. Another few hundred quid down though, last night felt ok because I was £30 up on the night only to wake up £20 down. My plan was to reassess October. Think I’ll bring that forward. Football index has changed big time.

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