Turns out you can lose money...

  • The consultation from FI on the colour of buy sell buttons and what order they are in.
    Can the sell button have

    The goods days are being outweighed by the bad days. I don't mind losing because of injuries, or playing shit every game but this. This is bollocks.

  • @Burial Gouiri and Pellegri are a-list talents whose prices are sensible because both coming back from injury. Could have to be patient though. Nowadays to get any value with a youngster there has to be some unattractiveness with their profile. Some of the hype needs to have come out of the bubble.

  • I have large holds in most of the Top 10 players so I've been in the red daily for the past month or so now too.

    I just ask myself 'Are they really at their All-time highest point right now?' and will they NEVER be higher ever again (next 3 years anyway). Surely not.

    Even looking to this time next year, there must be some players knocking on the £10 door again as the entire index gradually rises? Particularly as a dividend increase is surely inevitable in the coming months.

    I think it's because the 'Safe' holds have hit their ceiling £5-£7 as the rest of the Index is catching up. A PB and MB increase would be fantastic news for me, and I do believe it's coming.

    However, is the increase is aimed towards IPD's then I'm afraid I'll probably have to call it a day on FL.

    Note: I still love this product and I'm so glad I found it last year!

  • @Yellow Pogbas probably a good 80p or so down from his most recent peak and currently 47p in the red for me.

    Rashfords probably dropped 75 p, currently still 29p in the green. Foden must have dropped 30p or so, 2p in the red. VVD -12P. Sancho probably 25p down from his high, still 9p in the green there.

    There are others who I think are great holds currently that I've bought recently who are already starting to slide a bit

    I'm not getting twitchy or anything, at least not about seeing red, but I am really beginning to wonder if these current trends are here to stay. I mean look at him tonight who will inevitably become known as EBH. After the first flurry of buys, anyone who bought was basically betting that he'd score again

  • @TomIrving Fortunately I don’t hold anybody over £4. For those who hold premium players the last six weeks or so must have been rotten and the next dividend increase will be a massively pivotal announcement in FI’s evolution and whether it’s really the “football stock market” or just another football punting site.
    I like you love the index but only as the Football stock market. So we’ll see. Maybe we’ll find out on the birthday?

  • @MickTurbo Got a few of the players you mention but ultimately they will recover.

    Form is temporary class is permanent, has never been a more pertinent phrase on here.

    Most who hold a port with players that are mostly valued over £2- have seen a slide in price but......those players catching up will soon dip as investors realise where the true value is.

    I have a very diverse port and have been hit less than most but the players that I will continue to hold long term are the sort of players you highlighted and I cant believe why anyone would sell these quality footballers that will still be high on the index in 3 years when many of the others have fallen.

    Said it many times but Patience is the key here.

  • @Long-Haul-Col I agree with what u say but I'm just really bored at the minute.

    I've always had a little issue with that phrase, 'form is temporary, class is permanent'. When gary Taylor-fletcher ends a goal drought its form, but when harry kane ends one its class. That's just my little way of looking at things though, and is entirely irrelevant lol

  • @MickTurbo Very funny, but thats why GTF (not get to fuck, but Gary Taylor Fletcher) is playing for Bangor not Spurs.

    He started out at my local team tho Northwich Victoria.

    Agree with you that losing money is boring, but just hold and lets see where we go

  • @Vespasian32 leave? Lol now it’s you being negative or have you realised i might be right? I suspended my account for 7 days hoping when I return from my holiday I might stop losing profit. Another few hundred quid down though, last night felt ok because I was £30 up on the night only to wake up £20 down. My plan was to reassess October. Think I’ll bring that forward. Football index has changed big time.

  • @Mr-Random-number no because you're reason was about the market failing. Its not its growing... I've just lost my edge in the market to take advantage of the trends. Some people will be making a killing... Haland up £2 in 3 months... Some people got rich. As I say, I'm long way from my exit point yet....so time for the market to adjust again or for me to understand where the new money is.

    My strategy to date has been based around day trading and now, due to work, I can't really do that so I'm trying to adapt to needing longer holds... Not my forte at all... Yet

  • @Vespasian32 Problem for me is I'm set up for medium or long term holds but checking short term and seeing my port drop!
    Either need to change to a shorter term strategy (which I don't think I'll be good at) or simply try to ignore the dips and see the bigger picture.

  • From a personal perspective my profit has slowed down slightly but at present it is still a steady(ish) increase. From the start I have avoided what I thought were price bubbles and aimed for 4-8 months steady increases.

    For me what I am seeing at the moment is a fair bit of price levelling. How many times did we hear 'is it too late to get on....' the answer tended to be a glorious no!! Well it might be the case that at the time it worked as the market kept growing but if you were buying in after a player had risen 20p that was still a hell of a lot of shares that were bought at a lower price than yours.

    I think more than ever you need to be ahead of the curve. People are upset players are dropping 6-10p if they don't score. The simple answer is surely to sell pre-match if this upsets you. Yes, you could miss out on a Haaland type rise but it all comes down to risk vs reward.

    As I say, I have missed out on some big risers during my time on FI - the Greenwoods, brewters etc. but I have had to accept that in order to keep my risk levels low.

    The theory of inexplicable prices compared to divs must be the same theory as the proper stock market (correct me if I'm wrong) but the likes of Uber haemmorage money every year buy still hold a share value?

    Sorry- just random thought going through my head to open the discussion.

  • @Mr-Random-number Again, this is a gambling platform. You can't win all the time!!!

  • @NewUser731 said in Turns out you can lose money...:

    I think more than ever you need to be ahead of the curve. People are upset players are dropping 6-10p if they don't score. The simple answer is surely to sell pre-match

    But players are dropping that even if they don't start! Aouar dropped something like 9p when the teams came out. Brozovic dropped about 8p for posting a rubbish PB score.
    Can't seem to get my head around it at the moment. Seems like it is profitable for a lot of people just not me! Add in a few injuries in my port and I had my worst day since about April.

  • @Neil2265 But if you're trading medium to long term why are you even worried about a 9p drop because he didn't start one game. I hear so many people saying they are long-term trading and then talking about drops on a day or last week. If you're trading long-term then that 9p drop is nothing when you're planning to hold, presumably, until at least next summer for a big transfer.
    It's not an easy mindsight but if you're holding Aouar until next summer then the price in between now and then is basically meaningless unless there's a fundamental change in circumstances.

  • @Neil2265 I agree. It seems clear that there are a lot of short term traders who I also can't comprehend. but again, maybe the solution then is to sell earlier than that? 30 mins before the teams are released?

    I am in no way trying to sound clever or argumentative and I'm not saying this is what I do. But there is surely always a way to beat the market?

  • @janner73 Yeah i agree just can't get my head around it I think, the market just seems so reactive at the moment.
    Think I need to learn to either ignore the drops or simply check my port less

  • On a gambling platform such as poker and casinos, at least 95% of people would be making a loss. Why are people moaning on here when 95% of people seem to make a profit. I know, pure greed.

  • @NewUser731 from what I've seen that classic Monday dip, Saturday morning peak is diminishing

    I bought belotti well in advance of a single game day at home to lecce... He rose about 6p only in the build up of around 1 week. He didn't score in the first half and was dumped around 4p...scored early in second half and went up 1p...now he's dropped since full time down like 7p and flat... No money back in prep for his next match (probably will go up a few p before kick off)

    So if I'd sold at the peak time... After commission I'd have made 3p per share...but only if market sold. With the spreads now I was never in a position to IS as a quick flip.

    Not saying it was a good trade or that I was unlucky... But last season this was bread and butter easy 10% flip even with IS.

    @janner73 is right... Need to change mindset of short term up and down... Belotti always scores a few braces and is leading line for Italy... Big picture... I'll be able to sell at 1.50+ at some point in the season.

    Pogba will win a bout of mb and rise again
    Rashford will win some mb and hit form and rise again
    Rashica, ndiaye, Guilherme will return from injury and pick up value
    Icardi and neymar will bang them in for psg and rise in value and win pb

    I always work on a shifting exit point tho. Whats the point being 17k up if I'm gona sit idly as it dwindles down to 10k again? So I'm always moving the goalposts of what my exit is I. E. I will sell up and walk away if my profit goes from 17k to 15k... If we see an upturn and I get to 22/23k my next minimum walk away profit is 20k... So on so forth.

  • @Neil2265 Checking port too much is something 99% of us are probably guilty of. There are a lot of short term traders now, and I suspect more and more doing it full time. But to make money EVERY day short-term trading then those traders need to create price movements in both directions and rely on people reacting and following so they get their profits.
    Long-term, in the main, base prices rise on the good players its just not a straight line as the short-termers move in and out. For my long term holds I tend to either ignore the short-term price changes or use specific events to my advantage. I will often sell a long term hold on a spike around a single game day and rebuy them back at a cheaper price a day or 2 after the game. So even long-term trading you can take advantage of the short-termers.

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