Leroy Sane

  • What are people's thoughts on Leroy Sane @ £2.21?

    Reports saying he could be out until March at the latest, which would give him a few months of game time to get match fit and show what he can do before the Euros. We all know how much they missed him at the World Cup last year, I think most of us were shocked that he wasn't in the starting 11, let alone the squad.

    So the big question is.. will he be able to get match fit in time and make Germany's Euro 2020 squad?
    Appreciate any input you have to offer.

  • Injured players usually are pretty safe investments, but there’s 2 things that put me off Sane. The potential transfer to Bayern or out of the PL- look at people like Comans price and Gnabrys so there’s potential he might end up around the £2 mark. Also I think the amount of game time will depend on how many competitions city are still in come March, if they’re out the champions league then there’s a good chance he’ll just start Sterling and Bernardo every week like he did last season with little rotation

  • @FI-Zeq do I think he will get match fit for the Euros if he comes back in March? 🤔

    No - Pep doesn't seem to start him in his first choice 11 anyway so that timeframe won't be enough.

    Do I think his price will continue to rise throughout his rehab? Yes.

    It's just at £2.20+ it's a lot of money to put there if you think you can make the cash quicker elsewhere. He's been static for about 6 weeks now.

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