Valentino Lazaro

  • A player that I bought 300 of accidentally a couple of months back and have been following excessively in the hope that it can become a good trade.

    Making his debut for Inter tonight against Slavia Prague according to twitter.

    23 year old winger/wing-back who has come through the RB system. Tricky player with decent end-product - hopefully Lukaku can get on the end of some of his crosses tonight.

  • He's a talented player. His injury in pre season was pretty frustrating.

    Was also hoping he,might have been reclassified as a defender.

  • I think with enough games as a wing back he will be classed as a defender at some point. It will be a big rise I should imagine if he does.

    Starting tonight I think.

  • I think inter will play majority of the Serie a games with 3 at the back with godin/Skriniar/devrij so I can’t see his position being changed to a defender as even if it might seem he’s a wing back on paper he’s a midfielder on a 3/5/2

  • @KnowNotiing I agree that wing-backs are technically midfielders but FI classify them as defenders.


  • It’s whatever ever opta decide his position is......

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