The Mbappe Dilemma !!!

  • Hey Guys

    Apologies if this subject is on the forum already but I need other traders opinions !!

    I hold 200 x Mbappe with a current profit of 82p per share and a current share price of £6.49 being 4th highest on the Index.....the issue is I have held these 200 for about 15 months now and the return is not that great for a 4th placed player !! (Overpriced?)

    Does anyone else have an issue with holding Mbappe shares as the return is minimal? also when is he due to return from his injury?

    Hold for the future? or invest elsewhere?



  • @AndyP32 said in The Mbappe Dilemma !!!:


    You nailed it right there; yes he's a great footballer in real life, may well go on to be one of the very best (in which case put a poster on your wall) but as an FI asset he's all fur coat & no knickers. I don't hold him but if I did & he showed a healthy profit like you appear to have I wouldn't hesitate to sell & reinvest elsewhere, as there are far more profitable holds IMHO.

    I accept that as the platform grows his price may well rise, his matrix performance may well also improve & increase his consequent dividend return but my mind was made up last season when he bossed a game, scoring 4 goals & just pipped Hazard, with 1G & 1A iirc, to PB by a couple of points. His game simply wasn't suited to the old matrix (& I guess not too much has changed with the recent matrix changes) & he needed to outperform those who were by such a distance it was highly unlikely to be achieved very often, if at all. He may well rise as he nears a return to fitness & almost certainly in the run up to next years Euros (& during if he performs well) but any such rise would simply be a good market selling opportunity in my book.

  • I've always seen the PB arguments, but he's going to have a massive summer with both the Euros and likely some of the big clubs making a proper effort to prise him from PSG. Personally I'd hold, and he will get dividends in that time. Especially in the current era of price instability, he will be one of the safest.

    Disclosure - he's about 4% of my portfolio.

  • High price and low on PB divs would suggest sell and spend the profit elsewhere.

    However to give a counter argument..

    You have seen 15% rise and around 5% div return in just over a year. This is not a bad yield for a fairly safe return. Definitely beats most classic investments like banks and rentals.

    He played once under new matrix and second game injured so untested on new matrix. He is likely to score higher then before given he has yet to reach his prime and likes a dribble = potentially more pb.

    Speculation suggests he will be moving clubs next summer = additional media divs

    Strong France side for Euros = media and pb

    Natural growth of FI platform and will be one of best players for next decade so very little chance of losing money during the 3 year share life.

    Injuries are probably the big elephant in the room. Suffer a nasty one and could see him crash harder.

    Overall a pretty safe hold with room to grow further and achieve more divs although likely only modest gains so if your happy to get a safe yield of 15-20% stick but if you want to realise gains faster then sell and find someone else your happy with.

    Mbappe makes up 15% of my port and I paid 6.45 as a newish trader. I have him as part of my safe long term holds. He went close to 7 before his injury so definitely potential.

  • Had 250 shares sold 150 when he got injured only received £2.50 in dividends from him but I’ll hold the other 100 shares due to euros next summer and potential Mb as speculation about a transfer and quite likely a world record fee. I also like to judge him on pb once he’s played a fair few games

  • @AndyP32 hey bud. I have always had the same dilemma until recently when I decided to double down on him. I think while his PB is poor for now it’s easy to forget he’s only 20. I’ve recently written two pieces for my blog. One specifically on Mbappe and one (our today) on planning for Euro 2020. I think his PB chances for France are much better than for PSG as he’s much more involved in build up play. I’d recommend holding until after next summer when he’ll have hopefully lit up Euro 2020 and be winning MB if his transfer saga kicks off. Check out my two blog posts below if you’re interested!

  • I bought 70 holds in him at the start of the season with the plan to sell during Euros when he (hopefully) peaks. Plus he’ll have a summer transfer saga

  • @AndyP32

    For his 200 shares i'd buy 6 or 700 shares of a £2ish player.. . I.e. Sensi, reus, or others

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