Matchday Thread 17/09/2019 (Champions League)

  • Got to love the crazy sell off of mount, the volatility and sell offs for the slightest injury or being substituted are fucked up. Well if I can get more cash loaded on might get on in he dip if he keeps dropping. Parrott dropping like a hot potato too..

  • Marco Reus has been 💩 infront of goal tonight. He could have had a hattrick against Barca. Dortmund really should be winning this.

  • Huge PB score for Hwang Hee-Chan!

  • Two for Werner tonight. Cheaper than this Haland lad and bigger pb score. Just saying :P

  • VVD 150 PB in a 2-0 defeat and dropped even further. I think I've crossed the line from being mystified but mildly amused, into bored frustrated and disinterested in the last 24 hours.

  • So who's doing a Salzburg tomorrow night?

  • @Burial hopefully no fucker cos the one thing you can guarantee is that proper investors will just suffer cos of it.

    Somebody said earlier on that current trends are making a mockery of the slogan 'what's your football knowledge worth', per haps it should be changed to 'what's your fixture knowledge worth' or 'what's your impulsivity worth'

  • MB looks like Neymar /Ronaldo (unless Barkley pen miss rises). Big boys are back

    PB mid Parejo tonight..classic winner from last year

    It'll come around gents. 👍

  • @MickTurbo Mick, could you give the negativity a rest mate? We get you’re not happy but you don’t need to moan in every thread, especially when someone asks a perfectly innocent question.

  • @Coleyscrooge yeh I needed a bit of a vent last night, sorry. To be honest my port didnt even take a huge hit. 2p from rash 2p from pog and 1p from VVD I think. It's not that that got to me, it's the bloody ridiculous trends.

    But I stand by the fact that if some kid gets a tap in tonight there'll be an avalanche of money going into him

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