Erling Braut Haland.

  • Surly a lot of people are going to get burnt on this one. Fair enough he's scored a hat trick but to still be buying him when he's gone up more than a £1 in the last 2 hours.

  • @Daly3174 - It depends how long they hold i guess. I have just sold mine (45%) profit in a short space is enough for me.

  • People not realising the PB scores are X 1.5.

  • I just looked at that. I saw he had been on the rise since this morning but thought it’s not worth is in a non PB league. I can’t believe what I’m seeing though, surely a lot of new money getting in really badly wrong 🙈

  • I mean it's Genk. Fantastic prospect but surely can't maintain this price. He'll be back under £3 after their next CL game.

  • What I find strange is the spread on Hwang is 10p like Haland.

  • Besides IPO's is he the fastest rise in the index...
    I've only been on FI since June..
    Has anyone else risen so fast ????

  • @Sir-Craven ive got hwang hee chan at 52% profit. Thinking off sellfing and hoping he drops again after the game.

  • I hope he keeps going up - I don't hold but he's making others look cheap!! 😁

  • @Ericali agree with this but can’t knock the kid 18 first half hatrick (I don’t hold )

  • @Bradley117 seems to be the trend to buy anyone who scores then sell the next day. Surly a lot of people are losing a lot of money.

  • @Daly3174 - Nice, it depends on your strategy. For me Haland wont rise another 10-15 percent for a little while. So money is now better off elsewhere.

  • I remember thinking the same about Felix last season but he just kept going up and up - youngsters don’t have to do much to get the average FI user over-excited but this guy has just scored a first half hat-trick in the Champions league at 18 years old.

    I don’t own him and he’s not that type of player I’d buy at this point but I can’t imagine there being much of a price crash if any. The main thing I’d be wary of is that there are a lot of holders now sitting on big short-term profits on him who could instant sell and still make huge profit.

  • 84p rise in 24 hours. That's some money that's gone into him if it's 900 futures for 1p increase.
    Any idea who the money has come out of? Or just new money coming in?

  • I'm sure he will follow the others to Leipzig next season, unless Ole goes for him as he was his manager at Molde, but how can he justify a rise of £1 today ?

    Hat-trick or not, and even top player today, it will only be CL that will bring in any dividends.

    The jumping in / out this year is mad

  • @Daly3174 not if they bought at 2.20 last night or this morning. Crazy rise

  • I think everyone was checking him after his first goal then boom they start buying crazy. His goals to game ratio is excellent this season its too late now to get him I think.

  • @Metropolis I did some rough averaging about £145,000 has gone into him today, and no mostly these match day flippers are IS a player chasing a goal and burnt on a loss. Good commission for FI but no I’d say at least 75% if not a lot more is recycled money not new sadly.

    @footiereal on Twitter looks at the footy and has daily £ invested payed out in divs ect a great page if you like to know how much has gone in. Definitely worth a follow if you look at this stuff very accurate as well. Well worth a look in my view.

  • @Munchie63 i meant all the people buying after the hat trick.

  • The drop is happening!

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