The Index back on 🔥 who’s next?

  • Seeing these massive rises is great although I haven’t got any of the players 😩
    Malen price going mental as a comparison to another players price who scored 3 tonight.

    Seen a few people chatting about Kluivert could be the next flyer...

    Who’s the best youngster to get on for the next month or so?

  • Haaland has tonight triggered a rush to buy youth,wether that is just a one night thing or maybe a start to another trend I dunno.
    Many were rising on the back of the Salzburg game including Malen,Ihatteran,Szoboszlai but also Olmo getting more gains also.

  • @Gazz127 it’s the first time I’ve seen a player go up that much for a long time and as you said the Malen rise that followed.
    A couple goals for any of the youngsters Thursday will see them fly.

    I’ve just bought 1000 Kluiverts with the hope that this youth trend continues and his form.

    Malen looks a real talent but PSV have a tricky game Thursday and if he doesn’t score we could see a heavy drop the same day.
    Would deffo be jumping on board if that is the case.

  • I bought a bit of Kluivert before the season start. He's had a year to get used to Serie A so fancy him to push on this season.

    After a bit of a rise he dropped to a point I was showing a loss on him this time last week.

    He scored at the weekend but was still a bit baffled how he could go from being totally unwanted to hot property just like that.

    Still, it's yet another FI lesson in patience.

  • @Gazz127 it's great for FI as they'll have to pay hardly any dividends and make commission on any sales on the likes of that psv lad. I'd hate to think how much they made on all the Haland trading tonight. Probably enough to cover their 10k prize drop! Someone said there was about 150k worth of trades in the lad tonight.

  • The answer is don’t research but to watch the games, whoever scores be ready to back them before the net ripples 🙈

  • @Bradley117 or top up on players at around 10am today who didn't score last night and sell before the game.

    There were at least 5 players for rb salzburg who before the match were more than 15p up in 24 hours. If you are buying them on a dip today, you will see big gains on match day.

    If you are bold enough hold them during the game and you may get an even bigger increase(but I do not have the balls for that)

    Daka is one example(only using this as he was one I held)

    Was 60p a week ago, got up to 92p on match day and then was on the bench so today is 83p.

    This could be a legitimate tactic to use

  • the season has hardly started. these rises are exciting

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