One Love

  • So joined the FI one year ago and kinda took it for granted , bought some dummies and still made like 20% profit .. But this post is not about that , its just about how addicting this thing is and creates such a passion for sport too , crazy !! Any who i have couple questions for same crazy ass people on here . Footie = amount of people on index ?? Do you guys think they will expand more and more every year and we are those lucky “early birds” , cause personally i think 120k is absolute peanuts , right ?

  • @Nikitz71 No. it’s not the amount of users. There must be somewhere approaching half a million registered users.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Honestly i still think thats peanuts .. whats Footie then , can you explain ?

  • @Nikitz71 the footie is a valuation of the price movement of the top 200 players on the index and doesn’t account the rest. In simple basically how much money goes in / out of the top 200.

    Same thing as Footsie 200 in stocks if you ever looked at that mate

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