Juan mata

  • Ok so this is my first pump on the forum.Why not join in as many pump on here.Juan mata at 50p could be man utd key player tonite if starting.

  • Do you mean a key player in the hotel room? As united aren't playing until tomorrow night.

  • @Chewbacker Juan Mata a key player? I'm all for sensible suggestions on who to buy on here, but that comment is borderline delusional mate. Are you seriously saying Mata is a key player for Utd this season? You're having a laugh. Take it from a Utd fan, he's a squad player at best this season.

  • @Daly3174 said in Juan mata:

    Do you mean a key player in the hotel room? As united aren't playing until tomorrow night.

    He's playing the return leg of the table football final with Erna Solberg against the pairing of Bill Gates and Malala Yousafzai:

    alt text

    Unfortunately I don't believe goals and assists here count towards IPD's

  • @Andy I have watched every united game this season and i have to disagree with you. I mean it does depend how you define key player but he could certainly play at least 30 games this season with how bad lingard has been. I mean mata is our best attacking midfielder and i know he hasnt been amazing but he will play regularly so i dont so why your saying he isnt a key player

  • @Chewbacker also i hold mata and if you are going to pump one of my holds can you try and do a better job on it next time please

  • @Jdog Juan Mata is not a key player. If he was a key player and fit to play, he'd go straight into the starting XI. A key player for Utd would be a Harry Maguire or a Martial, if both of those players are fit, they go straight in. Mata only played the last 2 games because of injury to Martial and Pogba, forcing Ole to chop and change. If everyone is fit, Mata is on the bench - ie not a key player.

  • @Andy mata not ahead of lingard in the starting line up? Which means if he plays wellish he should stay in the starting line-up which means he is a key player? I would say a key player is someone who plays more than 2/3 of the games which i think mata will this year

  • @Jdog I think the difference in opinion here is more the definition of a key player, for me a key player is one of the first names on the team sheet and every team usually has about 4/5 of them. Mata will unfortunately get a lot of game time this season as united’s squad is so thin and they have so many games coming up, him signing the new contract really has blocked Angel Gomes’ route to the first team short term, which is annoying as a united fan. In FI terms though I don’t understand why he’d be a good investment cause he’s only going to get older and the only real increase there might be is if he scores a goal and his price spikes? I guess you could view that his price is cheap for a united starter but I highly doubt he’ll ever win PB, so you’re relying on CA or IPDs

  • @Andy he said key player tonight.

    If they put a younger squad out with a few holder heads it could well be mata and matic in that midfield.

    tbf to chewbacker he isnt saying buy mata and he'll be £3 by xmas type of pump

  • I think everyones on magic mushrooms.Key player in terms of creating chances for the europa league game only TOMORROW NIGHT |||||||

  • @Chewbacker 😂😂 I take everything I said back, I would suggest that Mata isn’t a guaranteed starter tomorrow though, think him and Rashford are fighting for the same spot. Chong and Lingard will both definitely start IMO

  • Just watching this Man utd dross struggle against Astana.As soon as mata comes on he has injected quicker passing and more movement than any other player as for Rashford he is a poor mans Iheanacho.

  • @Chewbacker 😂😂😂 okay pal, whatever you say

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