Mason Greenwood Starts Against Astana

  • The time has come. Go forth and score many young man.

  • @Dalien-Smith the best odds you can get on oddschecker for Greenwood to score at any time is 7/5. Statistically more likely not to score. Does this mean you are better sell him pre-game? Discuss. (Sounds like an A level question).

  • I may have a very unpopular opinion here, but I am going to share anyway. I feel that Greenwood playing could be worse for Greenwood holders than if he was to stay on the bench. We have all seen the market recently, goes a game without scoring and he will drop 80p!

  • @Squire1905 I think you're spot on. Actual playing time is the time to worry for youth holders. Greenwood is so hyped he could easily end up anywhere between £4 and £6 by the end of tomorrow night.

  • @Squire1905 As a Greenwood holder I reluctantly agree with you - He will be at an all time high by kick-off time and much of that value will be built up from the 'new users' - I may take the opportunity to market sell and bank my profits.

  • @Chris-J That would be my move to be fair. Unfortunately I haven't made many right calls recently so maybe don't follow what I believe haha

  • I doubt he'll crash if he doesn't score/perform tomorrow, he'll have a few chances before the next international break with Rochdale at home 6 days later. If he performs in none I'll be slightly concerned but that's unlikely, the masses will soon see he's a very special talent.

  • Wondered how many people will try to make a quick in the next 24 hours by jumping on him and then selling before kick off. I'm not one of them but with the way the market has been recently it wouldn't surprise me to see people do it!

  • Let's face it. If he scores his first senior goal tomorrow night he's got media sewn up. No goals and he will drop. I think there the stakes for me.

  • If he does start I’ll probably sell just before the game, hope he has a bad game and then re-buy after he bottoms out. If he doesn't have a bad game and keeps going up then I’ve still made £2 profit a share on him so all good.

  • I'm not interested in the quick buck/flip like a few others have said, it's difficult to pull off with premium players (big commision/spreads) especially if you have a lot of shares, I own 7500 in Greenwood and I'm likely in for the full 3 year hold.

  • I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna score and his price is gonna rocket. On a personal level I wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t score or has a poor performance as I really would love to get on the Greenwood train, I just refuse to pay his current price

  • Just seen someone instant sell him...

  • @ChazFI123 yesss get me on that train tooo. Next stop, profit

  • @Chris-J was the username captain jack mcmad?!

  • has the whole team sheet been announced... what about chong, garner, tuanzebe? I don't hold any... I was hoping it would be a good game for rashford as he keeps losing value .. but I guess if greenwood is playing then its going to be a B team all round?!

  • He mentioned 4 names at press conference. Greenwood, Tuanzebe, Romero and somebody else....🤔

  • @Dalien-Smith Fred.

  • @Vespasian32 was surprised the media didn't ask about chong, gomes, garner, they asked 3 or 4 Greenwood questions.

  • @NallyCat do you think Pogba or rashford play? Im ready to top up on them but I guess them being involved on Thursday is the next rise/drop decision. mad as it seems.

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