Mason Greenwood Starts Against Astana

  • @Dalien-Smith Fred.

  • @Vespasian32 was surprised the media didn't ask about chong, gomes, garner, they asked 3 or 4 Greenwood questions.

  • @NallyCat do you think Pogba or rashford play? Im ready to top up on them but I guess them being involved on Thursday is the next rise/drop decision. mad as it seems.

  • @Vespasian32 Is there much more Rashford can drop?
    Noticed his price has ticked up a couple of pence last hour and i'd really like to top up but not sure if we are at the bottom🤔

  • @Vespasian32 I think pog probably won't be risked and comes back this weekend, rash probably gets minutes with martial and James out until the weekend.

  • @Vespasian32 pogba didn’t train with the main group today so I assume he’s not ready, think the team may look like Matic Fred, Chong Lingard Rashford/Mata Greenwood. Imagine Rashford will only get 60 ish minutes

  • Diogo Dalot back in training. On Monday evening he wrote on his Twitter ' getting ready for Thursday'. Could be involved. May even play in an advanced role as he did at stages last season. Only 80 odd pence. Still only 20.

  • Yea, i have taken a punt on Chong. I think he will get some game time due to his 20 minute cameo last game. Fingers crossed. Greenwood is toohigh for me to get on at the moment.

  • @Sir-Craven Chong is the only youngster I currently have in my current portfolio, not sure why he’s still quite a low price considering he’s second to only Greenwood in terms of closeness to the first team. Think he’ll give a really good account of himself tomorrow, pretty confident he’ll start

  • If Greenwood flops then there’s going to be some serious moaning on here from those who get burnt. Only themselves to blame I say.

  • Has his photo changed recently or is he getting a sponsorship deal from FI?Just seen this in my port and it looks odd?🤷🏻‍♂️0_1569519653821_Screenshot_20190926-183725_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • Maybe they’ve had to remove it as he is under 18?

    Check some other youngsters...

  • @Chris-J Parrott too

  • Gravenberch still got his photo

  • @MickTurbo Maybe just an EPL thing?

  • Maybe, trying to think of another under 18 in prem, ihatteran still got his pic as well do u might be right, how old bobby duncan, hes still got his pic I know hes on loan in italy, but owned by liverpool @dean73

  • @MickTurbo Already checked him, 18 already.
    Date of Birth‎: ‎Jun 26, 2001

  • @MickTurbo And not that it matters but it was a permanent move, not a loan.
    Still trying to find another U18 EPL player to make it a treble ;)

  • @dean73 I didnt realize that, that's a suprise cos ppl seemed to think he was the biz. I saw him live on one occasion in the age group euros against some side from somewhere in the Balkans and he did look a level above the rest

  • @MickTurbo His agent was the problem. Circulated stories about Liverpool's treatment of his player and how they bullied him and he suffered mentally.
    The issue was compounded when Duncan 'liked' and (I think) retweeted that statement.
    The club decided it was best to move him on and banned his agent from being involved in the transfer.

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