• @Advinculas-Index ah good ol hughie 👍

  • One person did the whole lot. I bought back in yesterday morning for 2.92 when mb story made it seem like Klopp had said he would play. Just sold for 3.06 and 3.07 cos that one user. He also bought a tonne of Ronaldo earlier... 12/13p worth.

  • Had Maguire and VVD listed for 2 days to try and get on the Brewster train, as he didn’t make the bench last night I hoped he wouldn’t rise till next week 😭

  • @Advinculas-Index wonder what he knows?

  • @ChazFI123 j use IS quite a lot in situations like yours when i want to move from one player to a next because i worry ill miss a rise. Thats the FOMO that gets me most often

  • @Black-wolf looks like Chong will be stuck on his own as my only youth player in my portfolio for a bit longer

  • @Black-wolf nothing probably, but he's priced way too low for someone that will get minutes this season and judging by every other English young player if you're half good you'll make it to £4 easily. He was £3.50 over pre-season.

    Likely to make his debut in the league cup next week against MK Dons.

  • @Rolo I feel like this was the mentality of users for the players at the top end of the market and once one player fell in price they all did. And now see how everyone is upset. At the moment the like of Haaland/ malen are on the rise and now everyone uses them as a benchmark. If/ when he falls in price that may well happen again.

    I wonder whether the English youngster bubble may do the same thing at some point if Greenwood/ Brewster don't hit the PB/MB/ IPDs they need to maintain their price?

  • @NewUser731 he will play in the cup next week, good chance he will score and his price will 🚀£3.50-4 but then with no game time will start to drop down to £3 again. You either play the long game with him or it’s buy and sell according to when you feel he’s likely to play

  • Another 6p and I am up 100% on Brewster. Hope he does better than Parrott last night, even though Parrott had a fairly good game considering apart from the service to be able to score the goal needed.

  • @gball1975 hope so. I honestly think Brewster will be the player that many are hoping Greenwood and many others turn out to be. Sancho, Brewster and Willock are my main English youth holds now

  • @Black-wolf Yeah, I missed the boat on Willock IMO unfortunately.

  • @Black-wolf totally agreed. Can’t wait for tonight’s game I just hope he doesn’t disappoint. Can you imagine his price if he nets a 2/3 goals 🚀🚀🚀

  • @gball1975 youve never missed the boat if you believe a player is a good player hence why im back on Sancho i couldnt ignore the dip.

  • @Black-wolf said in Brewster:

    @gball1975 youve never missed the boat if you believe a player is a good player hence why im back on Sancho i couldnt ignore the dip.

    Ive just bought bas dost for second time, same reason, always an opportunity.

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