IPD question...

  • So I purchased a number of shares in Hwang Hee-Chan on 18 August 2019 at different points during the day to top up my holding in him.

    He scored once and assisted twice in the Champions League yesterday, 17 September 2019. I received zero in IPD. Please can someone let me know if that’s correct or should I challenge it?

  • @TeamGB just answered this question to someone else, no there is 31 days in August sorry mate. Hence it ran out yesterday probably before the game.

  • @jay Thanks for the answer! I was counting 24 hours ahead from the time I purchased which would have taken it up to yesterday. I guess if you count the day bought and every day after I would be a day short. Seems a little unfair if they were purchased near midnight of the day. Oh well.

  • @TeamGB

    Shares are IPD eligible all day of the date of purchase, regardless of wether you bought them at 00:10 or 23:50. This is also why you can be awarded IPD's if purchased after the game. All of your topped up shares in Hwang Hee-Chan were IPD eligible all day on the 18th up until midnight on the 16th.

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