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  • Top 25 dropping daily ATM do we think this is because of overinflated prices at the start of the season? Or just a new cycle/trend

  • @NewUser35208

    Money has been relentless pumped into most of them since before the Share Split with most users treating them as a free cash machine but their prices have so far outstripped both the rest of the market & their dividend yields (that ultimately support their prices) that most smart money has realised that they are way over valued in comparison so has been slowly selling them to reinvest where some value is still to be found. The way to sustain their price is through a dividend increase, possibly quite a substantial one, but don't hold your breath, however until one is indicated or announced I can see the majority either stagnating or drift downwards.

  • 20%of the top 25 have increased in the last 24 hours

  • @Moukoko said in Top 25:

    20%of the top 25 have increased in the last 24 hours

    Correct - 80% are down


  • @NewUser159387 This is actually false and we have seen the complete opposite - since the Share Split at the end of March the top 25 has grown far less than the top 100 as a whole. The top 25 has seen 15% growth since April 1st compared to 36% growth in the top 100.

    In fact when you look at the top 10, they have grown just 3.5% since April 1st - far far less than the rest of the top 100. The Footie is up 46% since the Share Split, so it is safe to say that the rest of the index has been rapidly catching up with the top end.

    We have seen spikes of investment in the top players, and it is true there was a big run on them immediately before the SS, but even if you roll the time series back to the start of 2019, we have seen a 145% increase in the Footie compared to a 35% increase in the top 10.

    The index has become massively more compressed since the start of 2019. The popular sentiment is that the top players are hugely overpriced now, but in fact the rest of the index is catching them up at a rapid rate.

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