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  • Lewis Cook (22 years old) - Captained England at U20 and U21 level (Won the U20 world cup) and has already been in the mix for the full England squad and made his debut. Just back from a 9 month injury, it's finally time for him to play week in week out for Bournamouth and get himself back in contension for the England Euro 2020 squad. With central midfield really not being a strong position for England i think he has a great chance aslong as he can stay injury free for the remainder of the season.

  • @EThomas9 I'm all for fair points, I've made more elaborate and less elaborate posts on here that's for sure so can appreciate where your coming from.

    It's not made up however, the statement had little context to it so you can interpretate it the way you did or @C-Money did. Posters on here are sharp enough to be presented with a post and make up thier own minds however basic or detailed that maybe.

  • @C-Money its obvious youre on the wind up. Ive just edited my facts as the "performance by competition" section on transfermarkt doesnt include cup games so he actually has 1 goal in 72 senior games and 5 assists in 72

  • @EThomas9 just because jonjoe Kelly isn't a player you approve doesn't mean we can not suggest that he will rise. This was all about players rising and @DW just because he said many valid points doesn't mean you have to jump down his throat for 'exaggerated info' which I dont think he did. Jonjoe Kelly has scored and assisted! Why can't we say that?

  • @C-Money Because he hasn't.
    Jonjoe Kenny however...

  • After hearing all the evidence ive decided to suggest dean henderson at 54p. He has scored 146 pb once this season, he gets assists as he has 1 career assist, is 22 and english. I dont own and hes more expensive than manuel neuer but the value is clear to see

  • @DW said in Next English Riser:

    Your response was very emotive, was the post really that offensive to you?

    Not really emotive. I just get tired of reading posts with inaccurate facts about players or exaggerated facts. Whether he is value or not is irrelevant to me at this point, if you are going to take the time to promote a player you think is value then the time and effort to present accurate facts makes all the difference.

  • Well after all that debate yesterday, it does seem like Jonjoe Kenny is on the rise today. So I guess some people are seeing value in him.

  • @EThomas9 just read the whole thread. I feel your pain!

    Not a bad player, not bad value. Probably cursed by this generation of right backs, ahead of him AWB, Taa, Ryan Fredericks, Kyle Walker and Max Aaron's.

    What can you see his rise being to? £1? £1.50? Someone spoke in the thread about jumping on the ground floor of the next Greenwood etc and JJK just isn't that!

    Feast your minds on George McEachran!

  • Nathan Redmond may not be considered a youth prospect anymore but still has a lot of growth room in him and returning from injury in a much better Southampton side this season. To me he should be around the £1. He’s been playing as a No10 or even up top...

  • @Lukeroro George McEachran?! Is this the same George McEachran who managed 1 goal and 0 assists for Chelsea u23s in 21 games last year? I don't know much about this lad so this isn't me trying to say he is a shit player but just wondering what you see in him?

  • @Squire1905 named him on the bench for the Europa final I heard. Must be highly thought of. Heard him mentioned in a few interviews. Don't really know a huge amount - hence why I mentioned him and didn't overly pump - but as he hasn't played yet it can easily be getting in early doors of someone unheard of who's English.

  • @Lukeroro fair play mate thanks. Here's hoping he doesn't end up like his brother

  • @Squire1905 I'm not too fussed. I have a minor holding and he was relevant to the thread. I wanted to put something relevant so this didn't just become a mildly underwhelming debate over JonJoe Kenny!

  • @Lukeroro haha what do mean underwhelming?! JJ Kenny is the future king mate (I do hold)

  • Based on current trends I'd probably go with sammy ameobi

  • Matt o'riley 58p 18 year old at Fulham, go big you'll thank me later

  • @Lukeroro I'm watching the Schalke v Mainz game this evening. Been Keeping an eye on Kenny. Must say I've been quite impressed. He's got a lot of energy. Reminds me of Andy Robinson, obviously not that standard but similar style of player. If this is the way he plays week in week out can certainly see him going back to Everton and making the first time in the future.

  • @Andy-O is it on BT?

  • @Lukeroro Yeah, decent game actually.

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