Next English Riser

  • @Squire1905 named him on the bench for the Europa final I heard. Must be highly thought of. Heard him mentioned in a few interviews. Don't really know a huge amount - hence why I mentioned him and didn't overly pump - but as he hasn't played yet it can easily be getting in early doors of someone unheard of who's English.

  • @Lukeroro fair play mate thanks. Here's hoping he doesn't end up like his brother

  • @Squire1905 I'm not too fussed. I have a minor holding and he was relevant to the thread. I wanted to put something relevant so this didn't just become a mildly underwhelming debate over JonJoe Kenny!

  • @Lukeroro haha what do mean underwhelming?! JJ Kenny is the future king mate (I do hold)

  • Based on current trends I'd probably go with sammy ameobi

  • Matt o'riley 58p 18 year old at Fulham, go big you'll thank me later

  • @Lukeroro I'm watching the Schalke v Mainz game this evening. Been Keeping an eye on Kenny. Must say I've been quite impressed. He's got a lot of energy. Reminds me of Andy Robinson, obviously not that standard but similar style of player. If this is the way he plays week in week out can certainly see him going back to Everton and making the first time in the future.

  • @Andy-O is it on BT?

  • @Lukeroro Yeah, decent game actually.

  • @MickTurbo 🤣

  • @RU99 said in Next English Riser:

    Ethan Hamilton. I've seen him play a few times and think he's a classy player. Man Utd were going to let him go but made a last minute decision to keep him and send him on loan again. Bit of a spike not too long ago then came back down to sub 40p. He's where all my divs are going.

    Been topping up on him too with divs. When he returns to Utd from loan, inevitable spike, easy money, just got to be patient long term hold. If he then makes their squad even if just for friendly tour he can double easy.

  • England’s Keanan Bennetts back in first team training for Borussia Monchengladbach after injury. 69p. Attacking player.

  • @Sutt98 can't imagine he will get in the team whilst they are hunting a title and they tried loaning him out in January I think for that reason

  • This one isn’t really out of nowhere but Emile Smith Rowe is playing well at Huddersfield, they are raving about him since he joined them on loan. If he keeps this up I can see him playing on loan in a pb league next season. Also Leipzig wanted him on loan and they are rarely wrong on a player

  • Dru Yearwood perhaps, I have a small amount of shares in him to be honest

    Brentford have a knack for rounding out and developing players, admittedly Yearwood does look raw

    Promising player and once he gets more game time his price could rise

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