tonight’s United game for Brewster holders

  • I’d never normally predict a crazy spike but I’m here to not play it safe and suggest Brewster will have rose by 20p by tonight currently 3.05

    Scenario 1 greenwood scores spikes massive and traders are thinking this happens when brewster starts and bangs against mk done

    Scenario 2 greenwood has a bad game people who was hoping to make quick coin on him flipping jump out take the money and look to the nxt obvious candidate which is Brewster

    I hate the flip craze but with a dropping port on my long term holds I’m giving it a go tonight

  • hell probably be £3:02 at midnight tonight, i hope im wrong though as a holder

  • Part of me would like to see what the market would do if Liverpool got knocked out the cup, cause currently it would look like Brewster would have to wait till January for his next game (Fa Cup 3rd round), not saying it will happen but the market seems so over responsive at that moment that some traders might view 2 games in about 6 months as not worth the waiting

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