PSG contenders?

  • Do PSG look like they finally may challenge in the champions league as i feel their main problem in the past was that they lacked discipline in the midfield and the additions of gueye and herrera will really help. Allowing neymar, mbappe and cavani/ icardi (dont think both will start as thats just too attacking) I hold neymar and cavani and hoping they both play well in champions league as that is where these players prices will really start to increase

  • @Jdog potentially, their midfield has improved a lot but part of me thinks it’s a mentality thing, a bit like how England were like at major tournaments. It can’t be by chance that every year they seem to throw away big leads, every season they seem to look the real deal and then it all seems to fall apart. Obviously they’re contenders looking at their squad, but I’d never feel comfortable putting my money on them

  • theyl get to last 16 then its all about the draw.. doesn't matter how good they are , as above, you draw a big team like juve who are used to winning and you can just lose on the night. Spurs got to the final last year... shows just what a lottery it is!!

  • yes i agree but i just feel the teams in europe are a lot weaker this year. No real threat from the Spanish teams i feel like other than atletico really; barca looked terrible the other night. I just feel they are a different team now so its not fair to say they have the same mentality. IMO they just didnt have enough people to break the play up so they were susceptible to conceding a lot of goals

  • My biggest hold is Icardi hes on loan so Im hoping he gets firing and keeps Cavani out the starting 11. There front 5 are dangerous Neymar Mbappe Icardi Cavani Di Maria the strength in the depth is not fair to the rest there defence and gk are top top draw and midfield is pretty decent. They are a danger in champions league.

  • I hold Cavani, Silva,Verratti & Herrera.. mainly because they are a team I watch regular.. I'm hoping Cavani bounces back from injury so I can recover some losses lol, I bought in @ £1.01 per share, but can't bring myself to part with him at such a loss 😕

  • What tonight's 2 - 0 loss at home shows is just how much they miss a certain player.

    Nope, not Mbappe. I'm taking about Verratti.

    Am I right?

  • @ScouseSte

    I think they pretty much had a second string team out tonight bar Neymar and the keeper... they were very poor tonight.

    I’m sure they’ll win the league as normal and get to the quarters of the CL at the least, whether they can go further though I think depends on keeping their star players fit and on the field.

  • i cannot believe how unlucky they have been with injuries. That is 3 strikers injured now.

  • @Jdog Who got injured last night?

  • @Buggslife choupo mouting

  • I think it's so hard for a team to go from playing farmers most weeks, to playing 2 high quality matches in the knock outs which is why I think they struggle in the knock out phases.

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