Matchday Thread 19/09/2019 (Europa League)

  • Or maybe lots if people watched the game and thought he’s not actually that great. Not my personal opinion or though must admit he doesn’t look ready to set the world on fire. Well taken goal but didn’t see much else from him considering Man Utd dominated. Gomes Chong and the young centre back all looked tidy enough and they’ll all get plenty more chances to play league cup and europa games helping with there development. Good job u boys are not in the champions league as some of these players wouldn’t be getting the chances that they are now going to get this year. Big opportunity for some of these youngsters at Utd this year lets hope for the people who hold any of them that they do well

  • @Londoner Greenwood was one of my early purchases (100 @ £2.38), was tempted to sell the lot before the game but could not bring myself to do it, so just sold 25.

  • @Jdog said in Matchday Thread 19/09/2019 (Europa League):

    @Londoner why not buy someone half the price who is better and playing.

    I have a few of those:







  • This post is deleted!

  • @Carboney i was worried before the game that Greenwood was going to live up to the hype and id realise id sold up far too early but as it turns out i wasnt too impressed. He scored a good goal but aside from that there wasnt much else to get excited about. I thought gomes played very well as did tuanzebe and Rashford

  • @Black-wolf Rashford getting slated on some fan channels right now, missing chances and taking free kicks my biggest criticism of him today. I thought he played ok but not clinical enough.

  • @Jimbob the thing is with rashford he’s a good player but clinical he is most definitely not thought Utd fans out of everyone would know this after watching him the last few years

  • Am in Portugal and the Sporting game is being shown, Bruno Fernandes looks a class apart in this game, he’s rubbing salt in the wound a bit being a United fan

  • @Carboney said in Matchday Thread 19/09/2019 (Europa League):

    @Jimbob the thing is with rashford he’s a good player but clinical he is most definitely not thought Utd fans out of everyone would know this after watching him the last few years

    In his defence, he played well as a 9 under van gaal. Special once had him as a wing-back, playing second fiddle to ibra and Lukaku and being forced out wide didn't help his progress. Still only a youngster though, I'm sure his record compared to Kane, Ronaldo etc at the same age has been brought up on here before. Just wish he'd stop taking free kicks, or practice them.

  • @Jimbob his finishing was poor but astana’s keeper was excellent. Apart from his finishing Rashford looked good imo. Maybe he should be staying on the wing more and crossing it in rather than shooting.

  • @Black-wolf I agree with this, Rashford will never be a number 9 who scores 30 goals a season, however I think if you give him room to attack in to and chances to stand a defender up he could end up with a role similar to what Mane does for Liverpool.

  • Definitely not disputing he’s a good player just stating he’s never been clinical and yeah he did play well tonight as did tuan gom and Chong

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