• 77p- great player, a goal and 2 assists in 3 games which is a very good return. Im almost certain he will win pb once or twice with either Croatia or Bayern and with the Euros coming up he will be a player that is bought for the tournament. I can see him easily breaking the pound barrier and will more than likely get you some ipd's if you buy at a good time. Opinions?

  • Decent hold, especially with the Euros as you say. His price fluctuates a lot, mainly due to the Man Utd rumours for the past few seasons. Looks like that won't happen now so should rise steadily.

    Good medium term (1 year) hold imo.

  • Should do well for goals & assists and well capable of grabbing a PB win or two.

    Think he might fall under the sphere of traders looking for a quick flip. Down 5p on his 24 hour high.

  • Have been trading in and out since start of season for IPD's. PB would be nice and i think he is capable, but watch out for the dreaded 70 min substitution!

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