Players that have benefited from PB changes

  • The PB matrix changes seem to have significantly increased the chances of some players winning PB. I thought I’d make a thread highlighting a few who have benefited with stats backing it up. Even if your port is not set up to win PB dividends, most of these players will probably see Capital Appreciation because of winning dividends and therefore may be worth holding in your portfolio. For the sake of transparency, I’ll also say which of these players I own.

    Memphis Depay
    The first player I bought after hearing about the PB changes.
    Positives: He has won top forward on 2/8 match days he’s played this season and finished third in the first CL match day despite only scoring 1 goal and not getting GWG. He has also won PB for both the Netherlands and his club side Lyon proving that he can compete at all levels. According to Index Gain he is in the top 10 of forwards who benefited most from the PB changes, with a 29-point gain on average (lots of dribbles and key passes contribute to this). Decent fixtures over the next 30 days so should return some IPD’s at least. Main-man for the Netherlands heading into the euro’s next summer. Has scored 6 goals already this season but still hasn’t got a GWG; despite this he’s still winning dividends. He only won PB once last season but has done so twice already this season in 7 games.
    Negatives: Will probably be rested on the league game before CL games as evidenced against Amiens last Friday. Has risen over a £1 in the last three months but growth doesn’t seem to be slowing yet. Possible transfer in the summer means he may not be the main man at his new club.

    I actually sold him before the start of the season due to being fed up with his injuries the season before and now feel like an idiot. If he gets injured, I’m going to re-buy him.
    Positives: A PB average of 195 is the 5th highest out of any player that has played more than 1 game this season. A PB max score of 311 is the 4th highest out of any player this season when discounting the 1.25 multiplier for the CL. Won 19p in divs; more than any other player this season. Has won dividends with both club and country. To really emphasise how much the changes in the PB matrix have benefited him, he’s won 19p in divs in 8 games. Messi last season won the most divs out of any player with 52p in 44 games. If KDB carries on at this rate and plays 40 games, he’d win 95p in dividends. In an injury hit season last year he competed in 23 match days but didn’t win any dividends.
    Negatives: Man City rotation and his potential for injuries are the only things that should really worry traders.

    Sticking with players known by three letter acronyms, TAA will be my next purchase.
    Positives: Fullbacks have benefited massively in the PB changes and the Liverpool man has already won top defender on two triple match days for 10p in dividends; the second highest amount won after De Bruyne. Is English and plays in a media friendly club. Still only 20, could potentially be first choice Liverpool and England RB for the majority of the three-year hold. 9.86 crosses per game is the second highest out of any defender so his potential for assists is high. He’s already pretty much matched last seasons dividend total already after winning 11p last year. His PB max last year was 211, he’s already managed a score of 244 this season.
    Negatives: Is the most expensive defender on the platform already. Doesn’t appear to be the most convincing defensively and Liverpool have only managed 1 clean sheet so far. Possible rotation later on in the season with Gomez.

    Continuing with attacking fullbacks, I bought him before the EL final and he immediately won top defender on the day. I wanted to include a cheaper example that I knew about.
    Positives: Appears to be first choice LB for both Italy and Chelsea now. Considerably cheaper than the other mentioned players and is currently injured so should get some CA before he’s back. Has finished 4th and 6th in match day rankings with a PB high of 204. His 4 shots on target this season is the joint most out of any defender. Like a cheap TAA, just not as good as him but in a similar mould. Lucas Digne is also a similar player and is about 30% higher in price despite not having European football.
    Negatives: Currently injured, unknown when back. Hasn’t actually won PB yet this season but I believe all it takes will be one monster score to change that and he could increase dramatically. Chelsea’s inability to keep a clean sheet hurts his scores.

    Miralem Pjanić
    A player I wish I bought when Sari took over but just never had the funds.
    Positives: Plays in that Thiago role Sarri likes where he constantly recycles the ball for his team. Does everything well without excelling; averaging 65 passes per game and 4 crosses. Doesn’t often shoot but when he does, they tend to be on target (2/3rds of the time this season). Thiago, who he is similar to, is £2.16 while he is £1.82. Has returned 5p in dividends from 5 games this season; didn’t manage any returns last season.
    Negatives: 29yo so getting towards the tail end of his career. Bosnia & Herzegovina are struggling to qualify for the Euro’s.

    It seems that the PB matrix changes have had the desired shakeup and players who weren’t winning dividends before are now doing so. There’s plenty of other players out there who have benefited like Sensi, Suso, Kimmich while we are still yet to see what sort of monster scores Neymar and Messi can produce in the new matrix. I honestly find the buzz FI (especially PB) produces to be far more fun than traditional betting and hopefully it will be onwards and upwards this season for the platform.

  • Still early days but something that I have noticed is recognised PB monsters still scoring big but being outscored by team mates.

    Joan Jordan scoring better than Banega.

    Sensi scoring better than Brozovic. Though Broz has one monster score.

    Last night Tolisso was outscoring Alcantara until he was subbed off.

    In the first two that has been reflected in a shift in the price pecking order.

  • @Allams-Out Tolisso had 214 before 65 minute , with no assists or goals . If he would stayed hed break 300

  • @Nikitz71 said in Players that have benefited from PB changes:

    @Allams-Out Tolisso had 214 before 65 minute , with no assists or goals . If he would stayed hed break 300

    That 214 was based on the 1.5 multiplier though

  • @CJ0101

    With regards to TAA, his position is secure, except for being rested in cup games - Gomez is a shit right back but a good Central defender so he's only really going to be rotated with Matip 👍

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Players that have benefited from PB changes:

    @Nikitz71 said in Players that have benefited from PB changes:

    @Allams-Out Tolisso had 214 before 65 minute , with no assists or goals . If he would stayed hed break 300

    That 214 was based on the 1.5 multiplier though


  • @Allams-Out True, the sooner you realise which players have benefited at expense to others the more money you can make

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