Low maintenance port sought

  • Hi,

    Would really appreciate any tips on how to refine my port to become lower maintenance. Love FI but realise that a busier trading strategy doesn’t suit me or my lifestyle currently.

    My port is relatively diverse (110 players) but not massive ££’s and am thinking of trimming to around 25 with an eye on next summer.

    Really appreciate any tips or strategies from traders

    Cheers 👍

  • Hold only players who you view as long term holds. I wouldnt look at the very top end if I was only gonna be dipping in here and there, probably max £3.50. I'd say youth as well, PB or non PB, preferably the latter because they've got less to lose and big potential gains so your not likely to log on after a week and find one of your players has had a big dip

  • Buy a big cage and stuff it full of Parrotts

  • Buy players who have long term non career threatening injuries that have bottomed out and beginning to rise again
    Kyle Walker Peters

    you could almost guarantee that if you purchased those players today you could leave them 12 months and return to see a considerable rise this time next year.
    Or at least have opportunities as and when they are due to return and sell to market then risne and repeat with players in a similar situation. (For current examples look at RLC and Callum hudson odoi)

    ya couldnt get much more low maintenance than that.

  • Euro 2020 starters. Going to be hyped massively during the season especially after Christmas.

  • If its until next summer maybe get players who are gonna be playing in the Euros. I’m willing to bet the match days will be PB eligible so you will probably see PB players who aren’t playing in the Euros decrease in value as the Season draws to a close. Mainly because people will free up funds to put money in players who are PB eligible. The likes of Depay, TAA, De Bruyne all look pretty safe to me and they will likely return dividends throughout this season.

  • 25% non PB league players, 25% injured, 25% youth and 25% KDB.

  • @Martyn-B 25% KDB 😂👍

  • @Pizarro

    Buy a lot of players.

    For example, buy 40 players, with roughly the same amount of cash in all of them.

  • Someone stable like Kane is a good bet. Involved in the Euros, earns good divs and should see healthy capital appreciation over the course of a season too.

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