joan jordan

  • 106 score at half-time no goals or assists and sevilla arent even winning. this guy can literally consitently post 250 scores without scoring or assisting which is insane. He is sevilla's new pb monster. In the europa league he will post some huge scores. lets all hope for that gwg second half

  • He’s come of unfortunately Seville really seem keen on looking after him as they have Real Madrid on Sunday so guess there keeping him fresh for that👍

  • He's looking an absolute star on the new PB matrix.

  • @Carboney he was brought off in the 55th minute and he posted a score of 178 thats absolutely mental. he will be taken off in games like this the same with any other top player for their team when they are 3 nil up. That highlights to me how important they deem him to be

  • He does look good so far this season, but in the interest of balance:

    • He's got GWG in 2/4 league games this season, which obviously boosts his score nicely
    • Sevilla haven't had the toughest of starts so will be interesting to see what he posts against Real Madrid in a few days, though judging from their start he shouldn't struggle!
    • Tonight he did score 178 without scoring or assisting or finishing the game. However, they were playing a (Qara)bag of shite team. 2 of his team mates in MF significantly outscored him. They played longer and 1 scored and the other assisted I know, but I think that shows how dominant as a team they were.

    Summary: I'm not quite ready to get too carried away, but he's on my list. This game against RM will be a big deciding factor for me.

  • Now let's consider the reason behind Joan Jordan being the new 'PB beast'.

    Does his individual playing style suit the PB matrix ... yes, but not overly so.

    Instead of looking at the individual, look at the team. Then look at the tactics and coaching methodology.

    Lopetegui, wherever he goes, demands his team retain possession. This is the real reason behind Jordan producing massive PB scores. In his brief spell managing Real Madrid, Kroos set some massive PB scores.

    Now, have a quick look at the PB scores for this evening and see young Oli Torres sitting top of the tree.

    Lopetegui's tactics are set in stone. His midfielders will continue to set high PB scores, simply due to possession retention.

    Oliver Torres - 70p
    Franco Vazquez - 31p
    Jordan -£1.66
    Ocampos - 69p
    Banega - 95p

    Alot of value here chaps ... 🤑

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