The footie down 400.

  • @Victory

    I think there will be a cash drop, like others recently. Hoping for a MB or PB announcement but unlikely. Doesn't really matter what I think, matters what the market believes, and I believe that the market is waiting, and cash hoarding, for an announcement.

  • @Martyn-B Makes sense! People are waiting, but a cash drop is terrible; that makes FI look like a lottery company. People will not wait anymore; they will quit, maybe.

  • @Sol

    Totally agree. Dividends must increase considerably to ensure longer term stability

  • @Victory
    I really hope it isn't a deposit bonus, they are too volatile, too short term and artificially inflate the market. Also on a personal level I have invested all my money into FI recently to take advantage of falling prices and have no money for yet another deposit. If it did happen then I wouldn't participate but would likely see rises across my portfolio, at least in the short term.

    Cash drop is a lottery, but also the most likely outcome. Cheap and cheerful for FI. Everyone has an equal chance of winning if they spend £10. I have not spent this week's dividends (£39) so that I am ready if this is the outcome.

    I would prefer an increase to MB or PB dividends, or maybe even better, an announcement of a future increase which would allow a slow and steady build up to this dividend increase date. The top end of the market is stagnating and needs a dividend increase.

  • @Victory since I joined nearly 3 years ago there have been periodic dry periods where everyone panics and thinks the market is slowing down and then it all picks up again every single time. The ones that's quit and take their money are the ones that are missing out.

  • @Martyn-B Totally agree with on the MB/PB divs increase.

  • @Stevo You cannot look at the past and say that the future will happen in the same way.

  • My port has dropped continually from 22nd August with the exception of just one day when when I plus about £3. I keep waiting for the upturn, i.e season starting, players not moving and being patient with my futures. I have moved money around and reinvested to some success but then drops in Salah, Rashford, Pogba etc eat up any of the progress made. I have said previously I am not able to day trade and was attracted to the long term rather than flipping regularly. Like Mick Turbo, I am thinking of giving it until the end of October to see if things improve.

  • @Victory take your money then? I believe in the product. If you dont that's fine but I have the benefit of 3 years worth of this happening. The market was booming in august so what's happened in 1 month to change that so much?

  • I just checked my spreadsheet and I'm £80 (1% down) since 1st September. This will be my 10th month on FI and I don't think I've ever had a 2-week period down, so a month would be new ground. I do expect birthday clarification and payday to help me break even by the 30th though. I haven't got a bad port overnight, surely.

  • @Stevo good to hear that a FI veteran thinks this is just a cycle. My port was rising in August but that has been wiped out the last couple of weeks. Have you changed your strategy to profit from ipd’s?

  • @Stevo If the next announcement is a cash drop and then is a deposit bonus, I will be happy to take my money out. There is no value added to the index in deposit bonus and cash drop.

  • I’m now hoping it will be a deposit bonus. I will put £10k in, get £1k back. Leave it in FI for a month and the most I would lose will be £300 or so. £700 for doing nothing and then removing all my £10,700 from FI back to my bank.

    Do the ‘powers that be’ read our comments? If so read the above, digest and understand that if everyone does what I will do if you announce a bonus, the platform will not benefit and will suffer.

    QED - increase in dividends is the ONLY way forward. You want people to leave huge amounts in FI and play the long game like I have? Then increase MB to 3 places everyday and increase PB dividends also. Without doing so within months Neymar and Pogba will be £4 to £5 players.

    Ask me a month ago where I would have invested the £18,638 that I currently have and I would have said ‘FI! Best thing ever, you should really consider joining!’ Now, in FI’s current state I wouldn’t recommend the platform to my worst nemesis! Well, not quite, but I know many on here that echo my sentiments. I will not invest another penny on FI until the ‘quick flip’ era is over.

  • If it's a deposit bonus, people will use the artificial rises to market sell and pull out. Worst. Birthday. Ever.

  • @Sol if they keep doing deposit bonuses we might aswell just join the matched betting patrons on here and take the free money, 4 or 5 a year open numerous accounts and make a tidy sum

  • @Sol You will not walk away with £10,700 post commission and post bonus slump unless you’re very patient and sell on spikes. Any deposit bonus will see unrivalled instant listing and withdrawals right now.
    The only sustainable way for the top end to regain its mojo is a div increase. And that’s coming from somebody who right now is more optimistic than a lot of the forum!

  • @Timothee-Atouba ok, then £500 and that will be guaranteed after commission. £500 which will be removed immediately back to my bank. Surely FI want to you to hold money on the platform?

  • @shilly said in The footie down 400.:

    @Sol if they keep doing deposit bonuses we might aswell just join the matched betting patrons on here and take the free money, 4 or 5 a year open numerous accounts and make a tidy sum

    I may very well end up doing that. The thought had crossed my mind over the last week 😉

  • @janner73 said in The footie down 400.:

    @Alpilgrim said in The footie down 400.:

    It's a drop of about 0.003% unless my bleary eyed morning calculations are off. A drop of 400 is barely anything.

    0.33%. It's (400/119776) * 100 to get it as a percentage.

    Told you it was early! I stand corrected.

  • @Sol I think you’re still being very ambitious personally. A lot of it depends on how early you get you’re ten grand in and spent. Make the most of the CA.

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