The footie down 400.

  • @Antierror You're welcome. The new PB matrix has definitely shaken things up as well. We're still only 5 or 6 games into the season, so a lot of quick decisions are being made based on a good or bad PB score as to whether or not players suit the new matrix which is also contributing to the volatility. I would expect PB trading to stabilise as the season goes on and traders figure out who are the consistently good scorers on the new matrix.

  • @janner73 I agree, I believe that in the end of the day all the theory is good and handy of expecting a player to do well but in the end the proof is in the pudding. People will need to see PB scores to trust players.

    I'd wish the new website or app would include a breakdown of the PB score to actually understand, why Neymar for example was exactly scoring the 293 yesterday.

    In the end of the day my trust in the product is ultimately there and I agree with the part of the forum that believes it is time to top up rather than to run

  • @Antierror I normally use sofascore to get a rough breakdown - quick look at Neymar:
    1 game winning goal,
    4 accurate long balls,
    3 key passes,
    5 shots on target,
    51 accurate passes
    3 accurate crosses
    3 attempted dribbles, 1 successful
    was fouled 4 times

  • @Alpilgrim

    They need to increase dividends so people dont just buy and sell . .. increase the amound and number of players getting the dividends.

  • @Zola25 precisely. Will FI do the obvious, that’s the question..

  • @Antierror In my attempt to show how relatively predictable the market is - I will predict that there will be a fairly large drop in Wolfsburg players over the next 24 hours. Their prices have been massively inflated in the lead up to tonight's single game day and whether its pre-match, during match or tomorrow morning after divs are paid out I would be fairly confident there will be a big dump on some of them.

  • @janner73 I was actually looking at Wolfsburg players, I am holding Xaver Schlager for quite a while already. So I'd hope he be unaffected by this dump.

    I was looking at Jerome Roussillon, but I read an article on where he talks about the new playstyle and that he still struggles to adept to it, but the Wolfsburg gaffer seems to believe in him. For their current PB scores they are actually quite inflated

  • @Antierror Schlager will be fine as he's out injured for a while. The Monday single game day trend has become quite predictable - first we had the Inter players pumped up when they were home to Lecce, last week we had Torino players suffer big drops after their Monday night single game day, tonight it's Wolfsburg's turn - I hope I'm actually wrong and the market acts a little more sensibly but I suspect not.

  • @janner73 Berardi has seen quite a rise, but as you say his PB scores have been really impressive. Buy or not? Sassuolo have some single game nights in favourable matches coming their way - Friday nights vs Brescia and Verona in October.

  • @Zola25 said in The footie down 400.:


    They need to increase dividends so people dont just buy and sell . .. increase the amound and number of players getting the dividends.

    Why? That makes no sense.... people will just buy and sell at a higher level as players will be worth more.

    Great for existing holders but not a solution to your perceived ‘problem’.

  • @Vespasian32 I think Berardi is fine to buy for now - he should hold his price for the next few games because those single game days are coming. The risk point will be around those single game days - probably the second one - which people will probably have targeted as a potential get out point. If he carries on at his current rate - 5 goals and 2 assists in 3 games - he might actually hold his price.

  • @janner73 If he carries on at that rate of product he could be a £3 player(I hope). But then again if that continues he’d be one of the best players in the world(ain’t gonna happen).
    I’ve held for months and I always thought if he got to £1.50 I’d be out, but I think £1.80’ish is realistic as long as he continues to play well given his age and I think he’ll be Italy’s CF at the Euros if he has a good season. Belotti isn’t that high a standard to pass.

  • @Timothee-Atouba At his current rate I agree - 5 goals and 2 assists in 3 games is crazy! I'm just very wary of the market right now and single game day trading which is why I see on or around those 2 single game days as a point where traders will be looking to exit. Of course if he keeps on scoring and starts winning PB as well then he should keep on growing. Euros is definitely realistic, and a summer transfer a possibility - he's always been highly rated and may just be starting to deliver on all his talent given his age.

  • @janner73 Players like him are the trades I like best. Early-mid 20’s, clear ability, form just below the players norm. Not many players’ performances ascend in a straight line through their early 20’s.

  • My view is the gamblers, on the index, blew all their money in Benidorm, in August when on hols etc. Now skint a few days before... 'payday' hence making withdraws.. Come payday, all will go back to normal.

  • @johnboywalker ive got a short attention span....just say in short what it means lol

  • @TeamGB i think i may follow your stategy then 2 biggest earners are de bruyne who i managed to snap up at £2.15 and sancho for £5.10 both over 100 quid profit..others are slipping rapidly

  • Ive decided to put some more of mine into the big named injured players who have bottomed out and are or slowly creeping up
    Just got me some Laportes as he is not due back until january and his price was 25p higher than it is now before he was injured


  • @NewUser184462 i agree. I reckon Nasdaq will have instucted or advised FI to do nothing for a while to let the market settle and eventually bring stability along with fluidity. Increased dividends may help at first but the main issue in my opinion is the one FI created all by themselves with deposit bonus’s. they are great for us if we have money to deposit but the problem is that at the moment deposit bonuses are the easiest way to make money quickly so they have to become a thing of the past

  • @Black-wolf Yep FI will be making decisions with their head now rather than their heart - any sentiments towards 'looking after the original investors' and 'rewarding customers for patience through technical issues etc' will be strongly advised against by NASDAQ.

    Football Index - The game changed.....

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