Happy Friday Everyone

  • Soooooo last Friday travelled up to Guisbrough for the start of the Hardmoors 60 trial race....port value started dropping.

    Ran the race Saturday, the Millers won 5-1, knocked 30 mins off my PB for the 62 mile race (15 and a half hours)...port continuing to drop.

    Woke up early hours of Sunday aching like mad, port dropping, found out one of the runners took his own life - mental health issues - as I have been saying for ages, talk peeps if ever your down.

    During week at work, been down, port down, wanting to trade down, work on the website down, down about the bloke not winning his battle with mental health.

    Players that were over 30 days were sold, I bought more keepers!!! Port down.

    Jeeez I wonder what witch I pissed on during the race on Saturday.

    Funeral yesterday - brought loads of food into work - port down.

    HOWEVER - it's Friday, we get to tell some knob head, that their a knob head and life grinds on.

    Happy Friday everyone....and here is to ANOTHER wacky week in the world of FI.....none of the superstars in the media etc....

    As always, hug the knob heads we love in our life.

    Be a more upbeat update next week - this week has been wank.

    Laters potatoes.....

  • I prefered you before 👀👀

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