Non PB player advice

  • I hold 5 non-pb players and was looking for advice on whether or not people believe they are overpriced. The players are:
    Linton Maina (bought for 45p, currently worth 58p)
    Dani De Wit (bought for 59p, currently worth 59p)
    Fedor Chalov (bought for 80p, currently worth 82p)
    Calvin Stengs (bought for £1.47, currently worth £1.56)
    Myron Boadu (bought for £1.68, currently worth £1.76)
    All views and opinions welcome!

  • Without knowing the reasons why you originally brought them its hard to offer advice. Does the reason you brought them still remain the same today? if so then stick to your plan and hold out.

    If not and something has changed then sell?

  • I just felt all the players listed could have huge futures and are big talents. But I am also wondering if they are perhaps overpriced now.

  • @Squire1905 I think if you are having doubts then sell, you are in profit in all of them so maybe a good time to sell up and then think of a new strategy?

    If you think they could all have moves to good sides in PB league in the not so distant future then maybe hold for the next couple of windows? long term holds.

  • @Sill7 I am convinced Stengs and Boadu will make the big time,however, I am looking around at players of a similar price and some are proven PB players. But then I am looking at the recent trend of non pb players like Haland and Malen and wondering if they could pull off a rise like them 2

  • I hold 4/5 players but got on them much earlier. My advice would be hold till the 4th or 5th Europa league games, still a bit of growth in them imo

  • @Squire1905 I hold a fair few maina and think based on interest in recent times from the PL and comparisons to Leroy Sane I think hes definitely worth keeping but as with any non PB players you will probably have to be patient.

  • @Stevo Yeah will be relying on promotion in Maina's case or in the other players cases a transfer and having seen how the transfer window went I don't know if I can be dealing with that nonsense again haha

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