What odds of a birthday deposit bonus and/or a dividend increase when MB opens up to squad players

  • A birthday deposit bonus and then an extra MB place is my short term realistic dream scenario. I'd take other dividend increases of course but I think a MB increase is the likeliest to happen with MB scheduled to open up to squad players soon. They've had the deposit bonus for previous birthdays so I think that's probably odds on to happen again.

    I think they need to restore faith in the premium media players and add at least 1 extra place when MB opens up, a 1p for second place on a match day and 1p for fourth on a media day would be enough. The media players prices/returns have been damaged by euro qualifiers no longer being treble media days and the anticipation of the squad players being eligible for MB. Many PB players benefited from euro qualifying PB/IPD eligibility so I think it's only fair that MB is the next increase.

    If they do nothing when media opens up it will be slightly concerning, they'll be paying out much fewer dividends when say Zlatan wins MB instead of Pogba, possibly going down the greedy bookie route. Probably unlikelier than the bonus but I'm optimistic as they usually deliver, it will happen sooner or later but I think it needs to be sooner with the drops.

    What do you think will happen over the next few weeks with the birthday/MB opening up?

  • @NallyCat I would love to see a reduction of/ending of IPDs. Won't happen I know as it makes them too much in commission but that would mean people would be putting money into the top end PB players rather than looking to flip 50p players for IPD

  • I don't mind IPDs as a little bonus when you first buy a player. However, being able to qualify after a goal or assist is crazy. What other market or gambling site allows that? The cut off should be midday for all dividends so no games have started which can influence who people buy.

    That is rewarding skill rather than fastest finger first.

  • There surely cannot be another deposit bonus - we've had many recently, and it is just too artificial a way of boosting the market. The most sustainable solution is a dividend increase. I think the market is mature enough not to have deposit bonuses anymore.

    I think the opening up of MB could mean a nice dividend increase as well to make up for the dilution of the winners there.

  • @kristiang85 yeah I'd much prefer the dividend increase but I wouldn't mind the bonus as I have some money to spend haha.

  • @NallyCat Adding an extra place for MB is an excellent idea. MB divs actually decreased when they opened the Euro matches as a match-day and there is only 1 MB winner in those days instead of 3 winners as before. We now rarely see triple media days in a week.

    I am not sure about the deposit bonus. Using deposit bonus too frequently can inflate the player price and that is not a way of sustainable growth.

  • With the media opening up to the full market I accept it will probably be rare that anyone outside the top 200 will win it, and you could count on one hand the players who might realistically challenge for it, but the market is reactive and I think if could even further diminish the percieved value of the very top players and now really isnt the time for that

  • @MickTurbo I think there was a statistic that squad players would've won media about 10% of the time, not major but it still hurts the bottom line, hopefully the drop in prices already has this factored in as it was announced a good while ago.

  • @NallyCat I wasnt aware it was that big a percentage. I'd of thought more like 2% but I could be wrong.

    As for whether it's now factored in to prices I suppose it depends who's actually shaping the market I suppose cos the person who pays Β£3.25 for an ipd striker with one eligible game away to liverpool within 30 days, whose name is spelt wrong on FI is not the same person that re-evaluates his stake in paul pogba with a view to MB changes which may or may not take place at a future unspecified date

  • @MickTurbo I'm not sure of the exact % and I cba trawling through football index announcements on a Friday haha, anyone know?
    With the way things have been going the last few weeks it wouldn't surprise me if the first openly gay active footballer comes out the day squad players become eligible and it's a 30p premier league right back who gets abused every time he plays πŸ˜…

  • @NallyCat I don't remember them saying a %... At time of split they did say they'd done a case study that neymar pogba and a third (Messi?) would all have done better last year with the new payouts and mb being opened up.

  • It is actually my birthday tomorrow (shared with one of my holds Alexander IsakπŸ˜‰) and all I want is a divi increase or better still a promise of one to kick start the elite players as they clearly need an injection of some sort.
    But chances look close to zero imo.

  • Last think we need now is, and I'm gonna paraphrase @Vespasian32 again here, a new craze of IS'ing pogba just to "sit on 10,000 kante's hoping someone chucks a banana at him" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @MickTurbo sums it up nicely

  • @Collymore10 about Haaland

  • the top players have been falling because the market deems them to be overpriced - a deposit bonus will only make them more overpriced and will just cause a huge crash at the end of the bonus period.

    A dividend increase/restructure would be more beneficial (or just an announcement that it is on the horizon).

    I agree with some of the suggestions on here about paying out multiple places on PB - having only one winner per day is often frustrating , and too much of a lottery when there can be 25+ games on a match day.

    With media I’d suggest splitting the day in half and have a winner before 2pm and then another winner for the rest of the day (single media day example) - would be a more interesting way to increase media divs

  • @Chris-J like that media idea πŸ‘

  • Even top 2 media on single game days. Think restructuring dividends a must even keep single game day same but up the double and triple days, make Last 16 onwards in Europe triple days or even double certainly help the top value players move again

  • @MickTurbo said in What odds of a birthday deposit bonus and/or a dividend increase when MB opens up to squad players:

    Last think we need now is, and I'm gonna paraphrase @Vespasian32 again here, a new craze of IS'ing pogba just to "sit on 10,000 kante's hoping someone chucks a banana at him" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • @Sol I need to buy you a drink one day mate! 😊

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