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  • My week by week totals are still going up overall. I see a lot of people on twitter complaining about losses and it seems overwhelmingly that they hold: hype/crap only, haven't altered their strategy in years or have only been taking part for a few months and aren't any good at it!

  • @Ericali It's easy for people to talk the long term game when everything is rocketing - when markets wobble it's amazing how people change.
    I have read over the last 12 months so many people call this an investment - if it's an investment nowhere else would they be getting the returns they've been getting over the last 12 months.
    The short-term worry is a gamblers worry and an even bigger worry for people who have more money in this than they really should.
    I understand people's concerns and it's human nature to worry but the forum is becoming a depressing place to be on this past week with all the negativity. I see opportunities all over the market now and eventually those opportunities will be too good and money will fly into them.
    We all have 3 options - remain a long term trader and ride out the dip (or even take advantage of the dips), temporarily switch to short-term trading like @Ericali and others, pull our money out altogether. The third option is not even remotely in my thoughts.

  • Can people who are really upset with players dropping genuinely not see a reason why they have dropped? Clearly other people are selling them so they feel they don't offer value for money? I feel with the premium players particularly, many of them haven't set the world alight at the start of the season and people have seen value elsewhere? If someone can give me a premium player that they can't understand the drop then we can try and see why?

  • @NewUser731 ok let’s start with Salah I’ve only been on here since June bought 300 at £4.80 now about 20p less. Had a good game vs arsenal and his high was £5.10 since then dropped 50p don’t get it

  • @Carboney Salah is relatively easy for me to explain:

    1. As non European he has lost treble media days on the international breaks and doesn't benefit from the IPDs and PB in those internationals.
    2. As non European he wont have the Euros next Summer.
    3. He has won 2p in MB since the 1st of August and 3p in PB.
      Very hard for people to justify £5 a future for those reduced opportunities and a very small return so far when there are much cheaper players who have returned more.
      Whether they continue to do so is up for debate but right now people are seeing 1 Salah for £5 or 5 £1 players who have yields just as good and choosing the 5 £1 players option (or 5 times as many futures in a single £1 player). With IPDs as well someone like Lewandowski is returning more in IPDs in 30 days than Salah has in divs so far this season.

  • @Carboney I thought Salah might be the first one mentioned. And for good reason - of the bigger players he has been one the most consistent players. If you look at his price around april/may he was at around the £4.20 mark. This was followed by a boom based on multiple reasons but 2 of the big ones were the Champions League Final build up followed by the AFCON. Rightly or wrongly people were thinking that Salah playing in his home tournament would win MB everyday. You could argue that this was built into his price. The MB never fully materialised.

  • @janner73 fair enough I get all that but didn’t expect him to drop that much until maybe Christmas time I’ll hold for now and see what happens. I also hold hazard and he’s down but bought in to high on this so that’s my bad! The other one is soares but not concerned by him as he’s quality and I expect him to make a move to a pb league within the next 2 windows. To be fair I’m not moaning as out of 30 plus players these 3 are the only ones dragging me down and my port drops don’t seem to be as bad as some

  • @Carboney I didn't expect him to drop as quickly either. I think the relatively low MB return so far has accelerated the drop. If Liverpool go deep in the CL I reckon he'll rebound again -although in the short term some MB from the Chelsea game tomorrow would be helpful!

  • @Carboney I hold soares too at 8/9p loss atm but I’m topping up on him all the time for the exact reasons you gave.
    I’m trying to reduce my buy price

  • @Gregolocky I’ll be doing the same once a couple of sales go through 👍

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