Selling portfolio to market

  • I have read lots of traders now talking about selling up there whole portfolio to market as there portfolio continues to drop. The plan being to wait it out until the market starts to rise again.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but by putting all your players up for sale their value decrease causing a greater drop in the players value. This is likely to cause more panic, leading to more traders IS or market selling their players. Unless some traders are willing to be brave and buy players as they drop in value, this downward trend is likely to get worse?

  • There are over 100,000 traders and only a minority on the forum. Hold, top up if you can, diversify your portfolio to try and cover most eventualities and be patient. Dips and drops are healthy, constant gains are unsustainable and unrealistic. Don't panic.

  • Who in their right mind is going to sell off their whole portfolio. Football index is the best thing since sliced bread!

  • Generally speaking, people who are overreacting and sell as soon as the market drops slightly, return just as quickly. They'll be back, and most importantly, back in profit before we know it, minus a little commission and loss.

    We really should keep one of these posts alive for a month or two and look back at how jittery we are.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  • I don’t believe that more than 0.1% of users would think of doing so. The majority of people love this platform and the smart ones know there’s a long future ahead with some fantastic opportunities for profit if they play it smart. Look at the majority of player graphs over the past year, quarter, etc and you’ll see this platform is only going one way. There’s been plenty of times I’ve seen some bumps in the road. How can anyone expect a straight line on the graph going up and up. Like the stock market, there’s peaks and troughs. As long as the overall trend is that the market is rising then there’s nothing to be concerned about. The number of users is growing, there’s more advertising going on and the amount of football mad punters in this country will mean the market never dies. I’m not giving up as I know I’ll regret it big time when I look back in a few years time.

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