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    So I trawled Google for a few minutes and found these few previous threads about panic selling and doom and gloom. People considering selling up because of,what turned out to be a little trough/ lull in the market. So many relevant comments and its clear to see that even the forum follows the same cycles as some of the posts are identical to the more relevant comments on the forum in the past week or so.

    So my analysis is, check out some positive threads of how much some traders are "up" in the last year since these threads was casting doubt on the index!
    Myself, i started just over a year ago and I'm currently sitting at 64% profit.
    I was a new trader around the time of these previous doubting threads,I listened to the more experienced traders on the forum, i never went on Twitter or anywhere else.
    Some of the longer traders,if you have a look on these threads, even @Andy-M had some sensible comments without argument!πŸ˜‚

    For the record to the newer members, Neymar and pogba was over Β£20 a share, imagine that!

    I have ultimate faith in FI and the marketing campaign has made such a difference imo.

    FI is STILL in its infancy and has so much room for growth!

    Hold tight and keep the faith!✊

  • 6 months in and around 34% up if I IS'd the whole port.

    My best buy was Filip Kostic- bought him twice and sold at profit twice. May get back in on him again soon.

    Worst buy - probably Tielemans at the minute.

    Biggest mistake - either buying Dybala when linked with Spurs or cashing out on Kownacki and Dan James way to early

  • 13 months in and more than doubled my overall investment on an annualized basis. Where could I achieve that elsewhere without taking significant risk?

    Even if the rate of growth halves in the next 12 months I will still be extremely happy.

    The days of buying any old shit player and them doubling are probably over and that is surely a good thing.

    For me the only certainty is that Football Index will need to increase dividends as an overall payout to retain interest so that will keep the market increasing at a healthy rate. I am also confident in my ability to outperform the market over the longer term so for me it is a no brainer to stay here long term and keep adding to my investment.

  • 2 years ago, sound familiar..........

    β€˜β€™think people (especially new to this) need to remember its not all about the quick flips - hold your nerve and have patience and im sure it will all be fine. I am taking advantage of the rediculously cheap big players available right now - the Index doesn't mean they become worse players, they will still win PB or MBs!’’

    What a nugget that is.

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