Pogba - What’s going on?

  • I’m shocked to see Pogba’s price fall below £6.40. The platform is changing so much and I feel it’s having a big affect on the loyal customers!! New customers putting their money into £1-£2 players is having a big effect.

    Ive had Pogba at £7 and continually topped up during this fall. But now I’m not willing to put more money. The enjoyment isn’t there!

    Anyone else thinking selling their shares and leaving FI?

  • @Bezz82 only because of all these different posts on Pogba 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @Bezz82 what because Pogba is losing money I suddenly want to leave 🤔, simple answer is no I am not leaving. He hasn't won divs in around 3 weeks maybe just over more. People are getting impatient. If you're not enjoying like you once was then that's fair enough to leave but personally I love this platform and will be here for years. Pogba losing me money doesn't make me want to leave. I'm also quite confident there is a lot in the que

  • @Bezz82 in case you've been on the moon for 6 months I'll update you....

    Pogba & his agent have both made noises over the summer about wanting a new challenge.

    If he doesn't sign a new contract it will likely force Manchester United's hand to sell their asset sooner rather than later or risk it dwindling in value down to £0 like Erikson.

    Moving is bad, as Manchester United are the El Dorado of the index, the jackpot, the bullseye if you will.

    This is why people aren't crawling over each other to invest.

    The index as a whole is booming if you look outside the top 50 in general. 👍

  • @Bezz82 I’m in exactly the same position. I’m currently in the process of stripping my port right down because i genuinely have no idea what a good hold is anymore. I don’t expect everything to turn to gold but for the time being I think I need to step back and let everything settle down, when you can see people cashing in good PB holds for young players in non PB leagues then what can you do.

  • @Shippers it’s more to do with the format and not just Pogba. That’s just an example.

    Players are falling in value after scoring and playing well. Paco Alcacer is an example. He’s been on fine form. Playing for a great team. Yet he’s dropping after a man of the match performance!! This wasn’t happing a year ago.

    It’s now, pick a player. Gamble on them short term. Then sell sell sell.

    I don’t expect everyone to agree. It’s just my opinion.

  • @Bezz82 Alcacer as an example was around about £1 at the start of the season - his price nearly doubled in a week after a good start. For an IPD player his price got too high and has now corrected back down. The same has happened with Lukaku. If people buying these players after huge rises expected them to continue then there was the mistake. Buy low, sell high is all that's happening.
    Yes there is there is some illogical trading, there always has been but the market has a much better understanding of value now and players rising too high correct back down.

  • @Bezz82 pogba will sign new contract soon. He has huge sponsor deals tied in with Utd... Perez never wanted him at Madrid and Zidane will be sacked before next transfer window.

    It is frustrating seeing the drop but he has real value and when he starts winning mb again his yield will speak for itself. Injury plus uncertainty plus no MB for a while is a logical drop.

    Its the examples like alcacer that are far more worrying. I have 1000 Luiz Alberto... He went up by not playing midweek.. If he plays on Sunday almost regardless of if he scores or not I feel ready for a drop!

  • @Ericali Nobody has ever been to the moon! NASA is a stealth tax 😉

  • @janner73 well yes correct again about zooming out and seeing the rises. But makes the platform very temporary if its inflate someone to £2 then dump them regardless of form

    Thatl last a couple months before every player has gone through it and majority of market has made terrible losses.

  • @Sol said in Pogba - What’s going on?:

    @Ericali Nobody has ever been to the moon! NASA is a stealth tax 😉

    Aaaah, I get you 👍

    Just like the man-made global warming stealth tax. 😎

  • New customers putting their money into £1-2 players is not what is dropping Pogba's price.

    Loyal customers selling or listing is the only thing that is dropping Pogba's price.

    They are adapting to the changes. Either you need to adapt or diversify. I hold Pogba and will continue to do so. But I am topping up in the below £2 market currently. I bought Maguire the other day as he was 20% down this month alone. That to me was to much value to ignore that trade.

  • @Vespasian32 But Alcacer looked massively overvalued to me at £1.95, as did Lukaku when he got to £2.30 or whatever - rather than zooming out I'm saying to me those drops were inevitable because in moments of FOMO and market sentiment they flew too high in a short space of time.

  • @Ericali don’t you mean ‘climate change’? ‘Global warming’ is soooo passé 😂🤣😂

  • Personally I’m now blaming brexit, Jamie oliviers restaurants closing down and climate change for Pogba’s fall.

    Guys, we need to be realistic here - according to extinction rebellion, we are all dead in the next 15 years! Arrrghhh! Brexit will bring with it no clean drinking water, food shortages, planes will not fly from our airports!!!

    I also hear Godzilla is trashing Tokyo as I write this also... 😂

  • I agree with @janner73 that certain examples of players reaching unsustainable heights is bound to happen.

    Alcacer reached £1.95 at his peak. His previous high, almost 12 months prior, was just £1.48. If people were expecting him to just keep going up and going up then a dose of realism was always going to hurt you.

    There were people on the forum arguing Lukaku could reach £3. I also remember some sound counter points that Lukaku never got anywhere near £3 even when he was in the Premier League playing for Man Utd. £3 at Inter?! NOT.A.CHANCE. Come on people - let's be realistic here.

  • The alcacer rise was a fomo from newbies, in reality he is not worth any more than moreno at Valencia who is 90p.

    Both win fuck all Mb and pb, both ipd players, both play for Spain.

    Yet one has been pumped the death and the other one hasn't.

    It’s fairly easy to find players who are overpiced.

  • Sorry but when did pogba = free money, stop whining and reinvest in £1-2 players if that's where you can see it's being invested, times are changing so keep up or fall behind and lose money

  • @MUFC yeh why invest in a dividend winner when you can pump a £1 player to £2 and dump. Pyramid schemes are amazing 😂 market has to be driven by divs otherwise its just us lot ripping off new users and selling.

  • @Sol the hilarity......

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