Best players under £2 for dividends

  • Best players under £2 for dividends

  • Joan Jordan 👌

  • Ramos... On pens for Madrid and Spain (Currently Spains top scorer!) and a good CB at a good team with champ LG too... 1.03

  • @NewUser125010

    Mahrez, brekalo, sensi .. .

  • Parejo at Valencia 👍

  • Daniel Parejo £1.71 24p in PB last season
    Ever Banega £0.96 20p in PB
    Florian Thauvin £1.55 17p in PB
    Thorgan Hazard £1.57 17p in PB
    Jordi Alba £0.84 15p in PB
    Sergio Ramos £1.03 0.14p in PB
    Rodrigo De Paul £1.39 13p in PB

    Just a few selections, cant really go wrong with any of them, prices should go up a bit through the season due to market growth.

  • Not sure if he’s necessarily the best but I’m doing well out of Sabitzer at Leipzig, think he’s laid on a few for Werner and Poulsen and chipped in with a few himself- scored today too

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question, if I bought some futures on the 29th August, would they still qualify for IPDs on 28th September?

  • If you are going MB divs

    Rooney 56p
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 37p

    If media opens up to all 👍,
    Zlatan offered his services to utd if he was needed

    Rooney player coach at Derby Jan....
    If they were to get promoted to premier league wholly shit MB 🤞

  • Ramos should have good mb too... Not many players have their own amazon prime series!

  • Orsolini is rising steadily all the the time and is suited to PB. If he gets close again to winning pb he will go up.

  • @ChazFI123

    Shares are IPD eligible all day of the date of purchase, regardless of wether you bought them at 00:10 or 23:50. This is also why you can be awarded IPD's if purchased after the game. All of your shares bought on the 29th were IPD eligible all day on the 29th up until midnight on the 27th. So no sorry, not eligible on the 28th.

  • @NewUser125010

    Some good suggestions above, I would add to those Tah, Akanji, Halstenberg, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos. I had my best days dividends returns yesterday which a mixture of aging premium (500x Ronaldo) and cheap PB punt (1,000x Orban).

  • @Martyn-B great div returns for me too yesterday, this morning I’m a whole £3 up as lost almost all my divs in cap losses 😭.

  • @Webbinho said in Best players under £2 for dividends:

    @Martyn-B great div returns for me too yesterday, this morning I’m a whole £3 up as lost almost all my divs in cap losses 😭.

    I am just looking at the cost price of my portfolio instead, as I have never withdrawn and reinvested all dividends the cost price is at an all time high. Time and patience will take care of the rest....

  • Here are the players under £2 that I own for PB (either current or potential). Goretzka and Savanier have been injured, but the other 4 players have started the season pretty well, including a couple of PB wins!

    Leon Goretzka - £1.26
    Erick Pulgar - £1.37
    Wylan Cyprien - £1.55
    Teji Savanier - £1.65
    Miralem Pjanic - £1.80
    Stefano Sensi - £1.97

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