• Hi guys been on here a few months but only now found out you only get IPD's for 30 days!

    I was just wondering if you separate portfolio like have half your portfolio for long term and then buying and selling each every 30 days to get IPD's for the other half of portfolio?

  • @welshmatt983 If you are going to recycle for ipd’s be very careful. There are a lot of experienced traders doing this and anybody inexperienced could potentially be burned.
    Unlike the old market, in the ipd game there has to be losers.

  • @welshmatt983 One thing for IPDs is to check how many fixtures a player is going to be involved within the coming 30 days. As someone mentioned recently on here, Ronaldo is eligible for IPDs for 8 matches within the next 30 days which may have included last night’s match. Anyway, you will see some players can potentially make you some decent money if you plan it out well. Not that I do this myself though as I buy players to normally hold for at least six months and see the first 30 days as a bonus period. I’ve found in the year I’ve been on here, most money is made by patiently holding and most money is lost by quick flipping due to the losses from over trading and instant selling to risk jumping on another trending player. I know some people surely make it work but it’s not a strategy and personally going to get involved in any more.

  • Thank for your replies much appreciated!

    I think I will stick with holding long term but look at IPD's as a bonus like you say.

  • Both can also go hand in hand. For example I picked up Amine Harit after Schalkes bad start to the season. I, young, good long term hold but also plays regularly in a PB league. Since then he has scored 3 and assisted 1 bagging me 4p per share in IPDs. He has also won PB. As a result I've taken divs and seen cap app on him. No plans to sell as the lad is bang in form and my original reasons for buying still stand.

  • Be careful of players who have had a price rise in last 7 days versus the cost of the spread ...before you buy as dividends you get might not make it worth it...
    As other people will be on a different cycle strategy as you buy in they could be selling, if you end up with a 10p spread you'll be hoping for cap app and divs otherwise you will lose out...
    As people sell players before the game even starts if there player rises a few %

    Sorry if that's obvious 😎.

    Try cheaper players

    I'm on Hernandez Sevilla ex- utd and west ham.
    2p spread plays in Europa league aswell.

    Try cheaper players in who are in euro qualifiers and champions league or Europa league to boost the fixtures over the 30 day period.

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