Jurgen Locadia

  • Been looking into this lad from Brighton. He signed for 15 million a year ago and has been loaned out to Hoffenheim for a season. This is to get first team football.

    Seems a steal at 42p. He’s also only 25 & has single match day tomorrow.

    The negative is that’s he’s not started a game yet. So it’s a risk. He did come on at half time in the last game.

    Worth a punt?

  • I am an Albion fan so my view is thus: I think there is a decent enough player inside somewhere but he has not got the application or required work-rate to succeed in a top league. My hunch was he did really well in The Netherlands but did not realise how much of a step-up in standard the Premier League would be...It came as no surprise that he scored most of his goals against lower-league opposition in cup games. He does also seem to be more interested in recording music than playing football.

    I doubt we will see him back at the Albion again or even in the Premier League in general. He might do OK at an average team in one of the other PB leagues, but I personally would not invest.

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