Matchday Thread 22/09/2019

  • @MrWh1te said in Matchday Thread 22/09/2019:

    I had a tough day yesterday with none of my players performing and only 1 goal in a port of about 20 strikers.
    Hoping for better today, especially with Tammy and Salah against each other.

    Also have Rashford, Bale, Kroos, Neymar, Icardi I think though I haven't looked to see if they are in starting line up and think one or two may still be suspended but busy today so will keep an eye out on them but not much more.

    This aged well lol

  • Saka starts - should be interesting for me posses better value than Brewster atm

  • For anybody who's still interested in dividends other than IPD's, it seems that borussia mincin'fudgepack (best 5 a side team name I've seen) may be a hell of a PB team this year.

    Laszlo benes is currently top midfielder today scoring 236 without a goal or assist and I know Dennis zakaria has also won top mid on a treble match day recently and may even have been star man, I cant be sure about the star man though.

    The other midfielder in that side is florian neuhaus who is 22 years old and only 97p gets assists and a few goals and might be a good season long hold for both PB and cap app and worth noting that both spurs and milan are interested in signing him, the latter link leading him to be called the german kaka.

    Also worth noting that I'm like a man with a fork in a world of soup these days though

  • I know he’s not in a PB league yet but Patson Daka looks to be on fantastic form. 2 more goals away today against the 2nd team in the league. At 20 years old he surely has a big future like Haland, Minamino and Hwang Hee-Chan at RB Salzburg and beyond.

  • @TeamGB But he's behind all those atm and will warm bench come cl.

  • Weekends seem much more volatile now. My defenders in Trent and Castagne saved me from another tough week.

  • Super Timmy castagne, I'd of been ecstatic with a PB win and he wasnt a million miles away, just getting back from injury, hes one player that I'm still optimistic about

  • @MickTurbo yeah I do love a wing back on this game. Still think he is really cheap too. More often then not seems to do something in a game.

  • @NewUser275766 I do as well, goals from timmy and TAA although the latter is no longer IPD eligible, still shows his quality though

  • Ramos, Kroos, Neymar & Marquinhos - save my portfolio from another Sunday pounding!

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