• Scoring goals yet I’m losing money on him daily. How can this be? Think I’ll close my account down as it’s miffed me

  • @NewUser399395 bro the majority of the top 200 is falling on a daily basis, it’s nothing new in the past 2 weeks (possibly more). Yes I am concerned about it, but am I going to sell? No, cause that wasn’t what I planned to set out to do at the start of the season

  • @NewUser399395 I think i have mentioned this in another post but if you want to know the reason for the drop you have to think what creates value. MB PB and IPDs. Lukaku's PB is notoriously low for such a prolific scorer (although i think he may have won a single match day recently). His MB has been pretty solid lately so that shouldn't make too much difference. For Lukaku to break even from IPDs he has to score 4 goals in the 30 day period which is pretty hard going which means he is slightly overpriced for the IPD market.
    So while him scoring is a good thing (if anything it is slowing down his pricefall) he really needs to win slightly more PB/MB to offer more value. This is of course just my opinion on it but might give you a slight reason as to why he is falling. Of course in a booming market his price will rise regardless but when people are trying to find value i might argue that it could be found better elsewhere.

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