• @Gregolocky @Daly3174 spread just went to 40p

  • Looks a bad one pulling up with no one around him. He must have felt something snap/ping....

    Best case scenario, it was damage prevention - because we are running out of strikers!

  • At this rate I’m only 3 days max from market selling my whole portfolio lol. I was planning to wait until I get back from a holiday mid October to revaluate but I decided on exiting once my profit goes down to a certain point. Lost value of over £80 in 24 hours so 2-3 more and I’m out :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This platform must be making a fortune, such a brilliant idea

  • @Mr-Random-number I dont believe you

  • I've been over a quid in the green on raah not that long ago, only 3p now, bit of luck he might at least get some media, not that anybody cares about dividends these days 😂

  • Fucking bonkers ppl gambling on pretty much a player to have a good game then sell off if not/injured. Madness.

  • @MickTurbo we must of bought in at same time. I like your positively regarding media


    I know.. same applied to mahrez... such top PB scores whenever he plays and then drops value.. .

  • @kaka8 why not? I have put £8430 of my own money into this platform. My portfolio value is £10051 with profit of £638 and the rest of the value is made up of dividends and bonus payments. Start of September I had profit of £1100. I’ll sell up once my profit says £500. Why keep holding when every day I’m losing profit, better to market sell and pay the 2% rather than start losing REAL money.

  • People selling off without even knowing the injury as well, and with a decent spread. Last week there was a sell off of Mount when he limped off. My heart sank as I wasnt watching the game so thought it was something serious. Back in the starting xi today. Unbelievable. Some people must be losing serious money

  • Banned

    Trader 1 - Rashford is worth at least £4 and at the moment is only £3
    Trader 2 - I agree
    Trader 3 - I agree
    Trader 4 - I agree
    Trader 1 - Shall we buy more then, clear value
    Trader 2, 3, 4 - No let's sell up

    Fi logic

  • @Ericali said in Rashford:

    Looks a bad one pulling up with no one around him. He must have felt something snap/ping....

    Best case scenario, it was damage prevention - because we are running out of strikers!

    Come on mate ... you love creating hysteria.

    Snapping??? 🤣

    Rashford was exhausted before the game. He has been overplayed, and has suffered a muscular injury as a result.

    I would predict 3/4 weeks out.

  • @johnboywalker works out quite well that a couple of those weeks will be an international break as well

  • My first post on the forum. Been lurking pretty much since joining just over three year ago.

    I have held a modest portfolio of around 2.5k, grown from around 1K of deposits.

    Thought id wade into this current 'crisis' and explain why this weekend I've buckled and IS my Pogbas and now Rashfords. Probably my Salahs also soon.

    At the point I sold both, the spread was pretty much what they had lost in value in a week. With no clear sign of FI doing anything soon to stimulate the top end of the market it was an easy punt to assume the decline in these 'top' players will continue and in a weeks time they will have lost more than I just lost in spread.

    For me, the very worst that can happen is that these players suddenly and dramatically rebound and that would probably only happen if the market in general suddenly improved. At which point I would be more than happy to accept I was wrong, reinvest and enjoy the upswing having lost a small percentage of my gains.

    To date, I haven't felt confident enough about the subject to speak on the forum, hence my first post, but ive been on here almost every day for three years now.

    Whilst it is very clear that the market is undergoing a significant change in trader behaviour, this sustained period is like nothing I have experienced before so I am happy to lose a few percent of profit in instant selling till I have figured out where things are heading next.

    Anyhow, just thought id chip in, lots of talk of the behaviour of either the big traders or new traders being responsible for the current uncertainty. I represent the long term confused that don't want to see their profits dwindle and I suspect there may be a lot of us. I wont be leaving any time soon, but nor will I be doing my regular monthly deposit for a while.

    If I do represent the silent majority then maybe that's a worry. My money may not make FI loads in commission but once in, it has stayed in and contributed to FI success to date.

  • Hmmm, what does everyone think about that ^^^

  • Looks like he might win mb tonight for us holders 😂😓😢😢😢

  • @MickTurbo SOS for Zlatan! 💰😎

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