• @MickTurbo Its the same stuff said again and again. That there have been flat periods etc before so just rider them out.

    This is what has prompted me to speak up. Id like someone to show me some data of how those flat periods compared to this. To me there has been a fundamental shift in how this 'new money' is behaving compared to previously.

    People seem to be confusing rational observations with panic.

    @johnboywalker I remember the thread that you posted that in. It seems a lifetime ago!
    However, back then it was the old hands reassuring new users. Now it feels like its the other way around!

    I accept that trading patterns are cyclical. The loses on Pogba etc are just that. However, I haven't heard a reasonable explanation as to what seems to me to be a general downturn in the Footie in recent times.

    My hunch is that the big advertising push by FI has been too much too soon. It swamped the place with new users and that has led to the trading patterns becoming so unpredictable that the 'old money' is being withdrawn till things settle down. Naturally this just makes the situation worse but can you really blame those of us on 100% plus profit from wanting to protect it?

    Only two things will improve things in my view; a dividend increase to refocus traders on why players have value or enough time to pass that the new money settles down into a more predictable pattern of behaviour.

    Once either of those happen I will be piling back in.

  • @Friedeggs
    You're wrong. If I show you a screenshot of my very first transactions from on FI from 2016 will you show a little a little maturity?

    If you don't like what you read then why take the time to be rude? Why take it so personally? Someone says something you don't like so you feel the need to be obnoxious and try to discredit them?


  • Guess I'm in the minority when I think the injury is a positive as provides good chance for MB today and some dividend money.

    Rashfords price is only relevant to me around the time when I plan to sell which is Euro 2020.

  • @NewUser23424 so it’s taken you 3 years to post ‘negativity’ on here...put 3 or 4 pics up of ur ‘port’ then we’ll discuss
    I wouldn’t normally entertain but you’ve got me for 15 mins...fire away

  • Am I right in thinking Rashford returned £0.23 in dividends last season at an average buy price of 4.20? A return of 5.4%?

  • @Friedeggs
    purchases made with my very first £25 deposit 3 years ago. When Daniel Sturridge seemed like a great purchase.

    Please let me know if ive done enough to 'prove' myself to you.

    My opinions are valid, as they are my own. They may be negative but that's how the place feels currently.

    Yes it was my first post, but it seems to have been well enough received.

    You've had your proof, now go find someone else to bully.

  • @NewUser23424 fair play mate!

  • @NewUser23424 said in Rashford:


    Well done for posting. We need old heads here, so to speak. Please consider changing your name. Your name on forums is the equivalent of someone speaking to you with a blanket covering their face.

    Don't you have a nice picture of your partner/child/food/shirt of your favourite football team, etc. Anything that says something about you. NewUserXXXXX means exactly that - you are a new user.

  • @NewUser23424 pic no1 ..can we see one with ur ‘username’ & especially the one that has ur “100% profit” ?

  • @Friedeggs sorry why is that needed?

  • @johnboywalker yeah its ok for you who is only playing with profit, if you are that confident why withdraw all ur original money as you would be much better off.

    It’s simple really, people are withdrawing and freaking out while others are panicking by saying everything will be ok only because of the pyramid mentally.

    The way the platform is designed makes people selfish and geeedy, wolf in sheep’s clothing are everywhere.

    I have had many decent performers this weekend along with scorers etc but my portfolio is down another £100 in 24 hours??

    If no one understands what’s going on why are we even playing still ?

  • @Mr-Random-number how big is your port out of interest?

  • @Friedeggs I'll leave you to do your own maths.

    If you've read this thread and my early posts you'll be aware that I have sold off a decent chunk of my high value players. Im sure you are aware also of the effect that this would have on the All time profit stat.

    Also you can clearly see my dividends return and I certainly include this in my calculation as to the return I have had to date from this investment.

    You're trying to pick me apart for no apparent reason. Why not try debating with me my reasoning instead? It would be a lot more productive and interesting for other forum users.

    Instead what? What exactly are you suggesting is going on? Or are you just the forum troll?

    Ask away, I have nothing to hide. I said 100% maybe its 98%, maybe its 102%, who cares? I think ive shown you enough.

  • @Londoner Thanks. I didn't change my name initially as I was fairly sure that anyone that has been around long enough would recognise the significance of the relatively low number and id appear less like a WUM. Apparently its not good enough for some though!

  • @MrWh1te 41 players £10k dropping fast, very diverse with highly recommended players from this forum.


  • @NewUser23424 said in Rashford:

    @Londoner Thanks. I didn't change my name initially as I was fairly sure that anyone that has been around long enough would recognise the significance of the relatively low number and id appear less like a WUM. Apparently its not good enough for some though!

    I for one like to see your usernumber....kept mine ;)

  • @Mr-Random-number I was wondering how your port compared to mine with regards to % of drop.
    You say you are 100 down in 24 hours.
    I am -17 on a 2600 port but that it only 0.66%, 1.89% down on week and I am still green for the month

  • @Mr-Random-number Your portfolio is on a whole other level to mine but I completely agree with your perspective.

    Im convinced that it is a complex picture but largely down to the significant influx of new money this past few months.

    Previously the forum used to constantly have posts from new users in panic about making no significant gains. Old timers used to reassure them about long term thinking etc This fed new money into the old patterns at a sustainable rate. People had time to learn, make mistakes etc without it dramatically affecting prices. There just wasn't enough new money to influence prices significantly.

    More recently it seems that there has been a flood of new activity and it has affected the players prices so much that traders like myself are confused ( not panicked) and are retreating to a less risky position till they figure it out. Perhaps even withdrawing? The footie is regularly down as a result.

    Will the new money come round to the old way of thinking? A dividend increase might prompt that. Doesn't sound like one is happening soon though? Maybe us old buggers just need to adapt to the new way of trading. Still, if the footie is consistently in the red then that wont last long.

    Times are changing for sure. Frustrating as I had only just got my partner into agreeing to invest more!

  • @Parvez112333
    Good idea. judging by my case, profiles aren't a reliable indicator of time on the platform and it would be interesting to see at a glance the experience of each poster.


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