• @Mr-Random-number I was wondering how your port compared to mine with regards to % of drop.
    You say you are 100 down in 24 hours.
    I am -17 on a 2600 port but that it only 0.66%, 1.89% down on week and I am still green for the month

  • @Mr-Random-number Your portfolio is on a whole other level to mine but I completely agree with your perspective.

    Im convinced that it is a complex picture but largely down to the significant influx of new money this past few months.

    Previously the forum used to constantly have posts from new users in panic about making no significant gains. Old timers used to reassure them about long term thinking etc This fed new money into the old patterns at a sustainable rate. People had time to learn, make mistakes etc without it dramatically affecting prices. There just wasn't enough new money to influence prices significantly.

    More recently it seems that there has been a flood of new activity and it has affected the players prices so much that traders like myself are confused ( not panicked) and are retreating to a less risky position till they figure it out. Perhaps even withdrawing? The footie is regularly down as a result.

    Will the new money come round to the old way of thinking? A dividend increase might prompt that. Doesn't sound like one is happening soon though? Maybe us old buggers just need to adapt to the new way of trading. Still, if the footie is consistently in the red then that wont last long.

    Times are changing for sure. Frustrating as I had only just got my partner into agreeing to invest more!

  • @Parvez112333
    Good idea. judging by my case, profiles aren't a reliable indicator of time on the platform and it would be interesting to see at a glance the experience of each poster.


  • @Mr-Random-number said in Rashford:

    @johnboywalker yeah its ok for you who is only playing with profit, if you are that confident why withdraw all ur original money as you would be much better off.

    I'm that clever cunt who only risks what i'm prepared to lose mate ... 😉

  • Just seen a topic posted and deleted saying rashford pogba and neymar have done nowt this year. I wouldnt bother to mention it since its gone anyway but do ppl believe this?

    Rashford has won top forward twice already, 1 star man I think and will win MB tonight in all probability.

    Pog has won top mid in a drawn match during which he did not score or assist and missed a penalty and was generally pretty average. Not saying this means he should be £8 for 1 pb win but unless I'm mistaken it's more than mbappe has given lately. I might be wrong about that as I dont follow him but I cant remember him doing anything

    For the sake of balance, and as a non neymar holder its probably only fair to mention that he has had a prolonged period of hoovering up mb

  • @johnboywalker I agree and probably also the wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s a double cunt.

  • @MickTurbo

    To be fair Harry Kane dropped for me and he’s scored every game since I bought him including England hattrick

    The poster prob didn’t mention Kane dropping

  • @Mr-Random-number
    If it starts rising again youl be back in, thats the problem

  • @therock an equally baffling drop. I sold kane on the rise from that hat trick. 6 month ago that would have been a absolutely meteoric.

    Maybe he needs to transfer to a non PB league and for FI to spell his name wrongly, scuppering any chance whatsoever of MB 🚀🚀🚀

  • @Mr-Random-number said in Rashford:

    @johnboywalker I agree and probably also the wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s a double cunt.

    Aye mate, I did think that's what you were insinuating. 🤔

    Have a look at my reputation, I'm the only cunt on this forum with a positive post/rep ratio ... 😉

  • @MickTurbo @MickTurbo Rashford is my highest dividend earner since I bought into him end of July, £31 back from a £854 holding, that’s not bad at all. That’s why his drop shouldn’t make sense In a booming market (so people say)

    I also hold most of the proven historical dividend winners.

    The sky is falling!

  • I think the slagging people of on here should stop we’re all grown ups not kids. I understand people are concerned about losing money and rightly so. Yeah majority of people are seeing there port drop and no one quite understands why. Everyone is entitled to there opinions weather right or wrong. The thing is if you’ve seen a big rise in the last couple of months and now your seeing drops ask yourself when you had your big rise was it bigger than what your drop in value is ! I’m here for the long haul and I’ve put a good chunk of money in and must admit I’m a little concerned but think overall the market is more volatile due to the amount of new users in the last few months me included in that. I generally enjoy reading the forum and getting some general advice from the more experienced traders. Banter is good name calling from behind a screen is not. Good luck to everyone on weather u decide to jump ship or ride the waves as always remember it’s a gambling platform so believe it it not u might actually lose some money. Goodnight tomorrow is the start of a new week stay positive and you never know positive shit might just happen!

  • @johnboywalker said in Rashford:

    @Mr-Random-number said in Rashford:

    @johnboywalker I agree and probably also the wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s a double cunt.

    Aye mate, I did think that's what you were insinuating. 🤔

    Have a look at my reputation, I'm the only cunt on this forum with a positive post/rep ratio ... 😉

    No you're not!

    You c*** 😉

  • Last October/ November I seem to remember lots of supposedly FI old timers coming out the wood work saying things like “I’ve never seen it this bad. I’m out” only for the market to go into over drive just a few weeks later. Those ppl who bailed out lost out on the huge profits that happened in the subsequent months. As johnnyboy says, FI aren’t dumb. If it keeps dropping and ppl keep leaving, they have to pull their fingers out make the game more appealing. Most likely with a dividend increase. Tomorrow, if they were to announce that after Xmas, that dividends would be increasing I imagine the market would recover almost instantaneously. That’s how quickly things can change. One announcement.

  • @Mr-Random-number said in Rashford:

    @johnboywalker I agree and probably also the wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s a double cunt.

    Your on thin ice calling FI’s most popular forum poster a c**t 😏 And a double one at that.

  • @Mr-Random-number Very nice getting those media divs today!

  • If anyone interested, factoring in the rise of 14p + profit taking along the way, I shifted a few rashfords today and the queue must have been about 18-20p deep

  • @MickTurbo I’m considering halving my Rashford hold, think there might be any more spikes with the deposit bonus- pay day maybe? Or is it worth just getting rid now?

  • Why would you get rid? Currently having a mare but still holding his price? Surely the only way is up?

  • You say hes holding his price but I got on at £4, watched him rise to summit like £5.08 and then sink briefly back below £4, that not hiding his price in my eyes

    @ChazFI123 bit of interest in him today and maybe some more to come but I've decided I can make my money work harder else where. If I have a player hitting his get out price in about 3 weeks when rash is nearing a return then thetes every chance I'll get back on, even if it's just to ride the post injury wave

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