Hate to say this but...

  • United should have stuck with Jose ‘the special one’. It’s clear Ole is completely out of his depth. Most famous and richest club in the world, made to look like Kidderminster Harriers.

  • @Sol been going on a few years to be fair

  • @Sol … The fairytale isn't going well for him.. I dunno if im sad or embarrassed to be a Utd fan nowadays..

  • oh Christ.. taxi for Ole!

  • Banned

    when I get time i will look back and find all the 'ole must be given the job and given time' posts

    joke club.

  • I cannot believe after 65 minutes he didn’t change any tactics or anything, he is so far out his depth tactically. Most players who are finishing the game for United today wouldn’t get in a top 8 side. All the united fans who kept banging on about how Martial, Rashford and Greenwood would be enough look very stupid now.

  • It is what it is, what can you do.. The ups and downs of being a football fan. Just glad I don't have Rashford in my port to even further dent my day.

  • He's clueless bringing on youth when ur chasing a game wats the point start them n show faith. Bet Maguire is wishing he never left. To be fair leicester will finish higher than utd. Prob need 8 players and a manager!

  • So I've had a look at my crystal ball and imagine this scenario ...

    Zidane gets sacked within the next month.

    Jose goes to Real Madrid. Pogba deal is off.

    Ole is gone by Xmas.

    Zidane then rocks up at Old Trafford for a crack at sorting this shite out.

    Pogba falls in love with Utd again due to his Zizou mancrush, and signs a new contract.

    There is also something in here about Wales winning the Rugby World Cup, but the crystal ball can't always be right!? 😉

  • Utd need a hero


  • @Vespasian32 pumpity pump 😜🤣

  • @Vespasian32 .. oh god, please noo.. haha

  • Really sad day and I never thought I would be saying this, but Ole has to go 😭

  • @johnboywalker hope your right Zidane won’t be able to sort that shit out which would mean them being shitter for even longer

  • @Vespasian32 Imagine if he became Man Utd's player-manager. He'd win MB every day and would become the most valuable player on the index!

  • @Carboney said in Hate to say this but...:

    @johnboywalker hope your right Zidane won’t be able to sort that shit out which would mean them being shitter for even longer

    Oh I agree. Zidane doesn't have the tactical nous to fix this.

    I don't know where they go after Ole!? 🤷‍♂️

  • Lets just hope martial has been managed properly and will be 100% for arsenal, same for pogba.

    I think it was a bad decision to play rashford in Europa knowing West Ham was round the corner though.

    Mata/matic/Andreas they are not good enough by a long way and add nothing.

    We have some really good kids but it is to early to rely on them, a lot is going to rest on Pogba’s shoulders to be honest.

  • It's just TOO funny now! :D

  • These drops for Utd players....remember how they jumped when Mourinho got sacked? Could be time to top up or buy into some players if the feeling is that Ole could get sacked, would likely see a bounce following

  • As I said I really do worry about Ole’s tactical levels of management, but let’s be fair there’s gonna be a rather large over reaction to this, no Pogba, Shaw, Martial and they play 30 mins with no striker when 1-0 down. I’d be surprised if most managers in the league could’ve gone to West Ham with that team and won the game especially in the last 30 mins with that 11 and bench. Yes it is united’s own fault their squad is so poor and that’s what they now have to work with, but if United get top 4 that would be a fantastic season.

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