Hate to say this but...

  • @MrWh1te Fred the Red is getting off lightly too!

  • @Chris-J yep your bang on there. Absolutely no point in changing the manager now.

    I think if Zidane wanted the job he would have got the job when Jose left given that he wasn't with a club at that time, clearly he didn't want it and with our squad who can blame him.

    Yes ole doesn't make subs quick enough and his team selections are iffy, mata and matic should a) not started or b) pulled at half time, i would rather lose with a team full of kids building for the future then scrape a win or draw with the dross that is currently our 1st team. For some reason he likes to play the experienced players (Mata, Matic etc) but the truth is our squad just is not good enough, it would not make the blindest bit of difference who you put in charge. I hope that today's result will be the final nail in the coffin for the sort of team line up that we saw today, play fred and the kids and lets see what happens, at least its exciting when they play them rather then watching mata run out of energy and disappear out the game and matic perfecting his sideways/backwards passing.

    Ole just needs to be brave, hopefully today will just prove that really he has nothing to lose.

    The blame for this lies with the board not the manager, they have under invested for the last 10 years, and now they are reaping the results of that under investment.

    Sorry but if you are going to sack anyone sack woodward simple as that. If he wants the responsibility for recruitment (i.e no DOF ) then he has got to carry the can for it as well after literally years of total fuck ups in the market. But this will never happen glaziers love him too much.

  • @Chris-C I agree with 99% of what you’ve said except that they’ve under invested, they’ve spent almost 900 million, and that’s exactly why the majority of this problem lies with the board and Mr Woodward and whoever chooses those signings. However, the net spend in the past 2 summers has been very very poor if that’s what you’re referring to

  • @ChazFI123
    To be fair, under invested probably was the wrong word to use, try poorly recruited instead.

    Yeah 900m and i struggle to name anyone who has turned out to be a really good buy in that time.

  • Should have got Roy Keane in.

    By no means would I say he's get the managerial CV for the job, no neither did Ole.

    He'd have cleared house. Horses for courses and all that.

  • Best thing about all this is that Chris wilder is the best manager in this country and :

    A Man Utd would never even consider him even though Zidane or Ole Gunnar Solskaer arent fit to lace his boots as managers because he isn't a sexy foreign name who was a well known player and

    B he wouldn't want to manage Man Utd right now because hes already at the club he loves more than anything in the world.

    What a time to be alive 😍⚔🎉

  • @Sol maybe some jokes about the global climate crisis might help though 👍

  • @Sam-L oh yeah Baby!!!! The 2nd coming is nigh

  • If you own a utd player I'd pull out and put your money in a bookies against being relegated..

  • @Allams-Out they'd learn how to win quickly they'd get more than a hair dryer.....

  • @Ericali and so it begins...


  • @Vespasian32 said in Hate to say this but...:

    @Ericali and so it begins...


    It really is a no brainer on a 6 month deal.....

  • @Ericali I'm sold

  • Don't worry lads, Ole's at the wheel!

  • @Ericali Is he the right man for a relegation scrap? ;)

  • I have said on the forum for sometime that man u are a rudderless cruiseship.They need to ship out woody and they need an elite manager.Fergy didnt leave them in a healthy state in terms of players and they remain on transition.Its taken my club Arsenal to finally wake up and smell the coffee.Players going out for real money now and signing some quality again and the three amigos in charge are top draw.Ljunberg promoted.Just need a leader on the pitch.

  • Even though he's nearly 38 years old, I don't see how Zlatan could be any worse than the current crop of Utd forwards in front of goal.

    If he wants to return and his wage demands are sensible, I think it would be a no brainer for Utd to sign him on a short term deal in January.

    [I hold in case it happens]

  • As @Ericali and @Vespasian32 have said previously. All aboard! 🚂🚂💵🚀 fully see Zlatan getting a year long contract.

  • Ahhhhhh fuck it I've hit buy max twice

  • @stumac85 think he needs a breathalyser test recently

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