My Port - Opinions and Comments

  • Hey Guys

    Below is my portfolio, please feel free to make comments on good holds/bad holds/suggestions on selling/suggestions on buying.




  • Is this you effectively bragging that nearly all your players in the green. Have a biscuit.

  • Lots of good solid holds, many which I hold too. Looks like you are diverse with some good PB value.

    My only concerns:

    Haland - does he have much further to go? Have you bought in too high?

    Lewandowski - the same as above really. His age etc will hold him back from straying much from his current level and he is now too expensive to hold just for IPDs. I sold at £1.50 something after buying in at 90p as I worried he was approaching his peak.

  • Looks good.

    I would be worried about Haland, surprised he is still holding that value. Lewandowski is a £1.20 player, Di Maria is a 75p player, check out their 1 year graphs and both are aging with probably diminishing returns.

    Saying this I have a lot more red in my portfolio, so maybe you should be giving me advice!!

  • @Martyn-B Haland, Lewandowski and Di Maria are mainly holds from CL football and should get a bit of a rise because of this??....Bayern and PSG should get to the QFs, as for Haland he may not be in the top 5 leagues but he is a goal machine like Malen so both of them should draw some media attention from PL teams in Jan 2020/July 2020 transfer windows.

  • @Martyn-B I don’t agree about Di Maria. He’s having a fantastic season and is back to his best. You’re basing things on last season. Look in the now and you’ll make more profit.

  • @AndyP32 I think Haaland may hurt you but everything else looks very solid.

    No doubt about it, once RB are knocked out, there will be a sell off, even if people are just halving their hold.

    I'd be halving my hold now, avoiding the drop and investing it in more Berardi

  • @AndyP32 @TeamGB

    Just my opinion. Haland is young and with no prior history on FI, he could rocket, he could crash. The other two are aging superstars with a proven price history to track and a proven dividend history to analyse and consider. Di Maria is playing well, but he has to fit into a future team with a returning Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani and introducing Icardi. Squad rotation is always going to be a risk. I feel his price is at a peak. I wouldn't buy Haland and I have bought, sold and made nice profits on the other two.

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