Circumstances when.....

  • You’d invest in Bale - hat trick? Zidane says he’s jealous he want never as good as Bale (I know ZZ was better)? Provisionally agrees a move to another team?

    What would be the catalyst to you getting in?

  • Him becoming 24 and being at Spurs still

    Assuming we are talking about at his current price only - wouldn’t pay more than £1.50 for him currently and even that is risky

  • I think Bale is a great buy at his current price. Zidane obviously wants him gone but with asensio out with injury for a long time, bale will be a regular starter and there are only 2 outcomes. He plays really well and real keep him which will increase his price, or he goes in either January or summer, which will increase his price. Also with the euros coming up I think he is a solid hold. Bale is a skilled player, we can't deny him that, and I think the regular starts will get him back on his game and back above 2.50

  • @Nachais said in Circumstances when.....:

    or he goes in either January or summer, which will increase his price.

    How does that work? Last linked to China but could easily also apply MLS (more likely in my view) where he's essentially worthless as an FI asset except the odd Welsh game? Pretty much any move away from RM, with the highly unlikely chance IMO of a top 6 EPL club, & his price is likely to fall, possibly by a large %. He's one of the riskiest holds on the index currently even if ZZ goes before him I see very little upside & lots of downside from his current 202.

  • @NewUser159387 I foresee a prem moveee. Bale said he would be open to moving back to England

  • @Nachais

    I'm sure he did but who do you see taking him with his salary demands & injury record? MLS looks only realistic option now for me but we'll see.

    Was touted around every European league & likely club all Summer & found no takers even on a "cheap loan" which is why he threatened China but still couldn't flush out any suitors. He ended up staying at RM by default & got lucky with injuries to Ascensio & others which meant he had to play even against ZZ better judgement. I just can't see much likelihood sentiment towards him has changed that much, so why should a decent PB move reappear now?

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