Are football index loving all these sheep instant selling?

  • Just want to consider this from their point of view, I don't know the answer and I'm sure other people will offer better insight but I'm guessing they're pretty happy with the money they're making from those huge instant sell spreads on premium players. They probably don't want it to continue for too much longer though at which point they'll make the birthday/media opening up announcement, thoughts?

  • @NallyCat i thought this

  • What we can't see is whether the funds are being kept in users balance or being withdrawn from the index. If they are being kept in the balance then FI would be quite happy I guess with the commission and spreads. If funds are being taken out I can't think they will tolerate it much longer.

  • No, because some of those IS'ing will be selling up for good.

  • Considering sales commission is the only ‘real’ profit they make i’d imagine they are in no rush to stop the sell-offs right now.

  • @Chris-J they are losing customers though. They should be concerned, not counting the cash and eyeing up another championship side to splurge the cash on.

  • @Zidave good point. I've just withdrawn the money from my market sales to my bank account. Any player in 25% profit and on a spike is being sold. Got rid of 5 players this weekend. Will continue to realise all profit so those players in the red can wait for the upturn. Not a panic sale but reducing risk in a risky time.

  • @Hotspur I’d like to think that they have something up their sleeve right now - they will want to squeeze out as much commission as possible before making their next announcement - which needs to be something pretty special to restore confidence.

    They must be aware that the damage being caused to customer confidence (old & new) right now could be difficult to recover from - I’d imagine most users who signed up as part of their mega marketing campaign in the past month or so will be saying in conversation ‘football index? Tried it and lost money/no logic to it/seems like a scam’.

  • Must admit today I have done some IS.
    Sold some Rashford as I am not liking what I am seeing since start of season.
    How much lower is he going to drift.
    Only thing that would help him is a serious injury as you seem to be immune to drops then.
    Still in profit with the remainder I hold.
    Not 100% sure I did the right thing but at the moment I am happy I have lessened my potential losses.

    Also Brandt as it's clear him and Hazard are gonna rotate and it's gonna hurt both players going forward.

    But the drops in some of these players is getting a joke as it's day by day by day they are dropping.
    Some of the price charts last month look horrid although yes before that they were rising.
    But this is a sustained decline and where do we reach the end.
    Still keeping money in reserve for hopefully the recovery but sooner rather than later please.

  • @NallyCat I think it’s a really good point.
    I joined this platform with the buzz around ‘owning’ shares and using my ‘football knowledge’ to make profit.
    The long term trading really appealed to me.
    I think the drops in September have just been a shock to the systems.
    The question I want to know are fi happy to take big commissions on short term trading or
    do they want to protect the long term stability and promote long term trading? Divs etc

    I wanted to get away from your typical football week end bet but recent activity on fi imo has moved to this

    I’m sure we’ll find this out in days, weeks and months to come...

  • @LittleFish who have you sold out of interest?

  • @Collymore10

    I too joined hoping to use my ‘football knowledge’ to make some profit. However it’s turned into fastest finger first almost now. There’s no ‘football knowledge’ needed to buy someone the instant they score before the rush happens.

    Obviously FI are loving this though, the amount of commission they must be making is massive. On the flip side it’s making some of their older ‘core’ users unhappy and pushing some towards the exit. Do they want this? Maybe they do and their aim is for it to be exactly like it is now...

  • @NallyCat I think given that the market shrunk by nearly 1% yesterday it’s near certain something will happen this week.

  • I’m not worried about the drops iv been on here for 2 years and seen it all, the rises are bigger than the falls simple. But what I will say is FI attracted a more patient investor by selling the buy and hold strategy, now they have pushed for a more quick flip get in get out market to bring in the fast cash but it brings impatient investors and a far more unstable market, and its starting to hurt them them

  • When do people think the market will start to grow? As surely around now could be the best time to invest if you've got any spare income as premium players are dropping like mad- if you've got faith the index will resume its growth soon that is

  • My view is the gamblers, on the index, blew all their money in Benidorm, in August when on hols etc. Now skint a few days before... 'payday' hence making withdraws.. Come payday, all will go back to normal.

  • @Collymore10 hi mate random sales seen in isolation but I can't do sales to market where you are selling 10 here and 20 there, must be my OCD, so sales on match day rises where the lot goes at once. I sold TAA, Eric Choupo-Moting, Chris Wood, Maddison and Brekalo. All in good profit but can't watch that profit drip away penny by penny each day.
    My core strategy was to produce £200 a month divs from half my portfolio and the other half for youth, flips etc. The later half is being sold off, I'll try and keep the div providers, (no choice with Poggers) and keep some money for flipping. The rest of the cash away from FI waiting.

  • I must admit and say I have sold up 25% of my entire portfolio within the last 7 days. Everyone is saying stay stong it will soon turn around but will it? For the market to bounce back I feel that FI need to increase divs.

    Every time I logged into my account over the last 2 weeks I have been looking at my players dropping. I am now de risking myself during this nervous time and I am sure everyone else is doing the same.

    It is a knock on affect, people see prices falling so more people start selling, more people start selling the bigger the drops on players, which again leads to more people selling. Its a brutal domino affect which is affecting the market right now.

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